A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant?

While there are several factors to determine someone’s hair transplant eligibility, The best way to know if you are the right candidate for a hair transplant is to Consult a hair transplant expert. 
Hair transplant Guides and consultants like Best-Hair-Help can help find the answers tailored to your needs. 

Here are a few factors that determine a good candidate;


Age: Your age is the premiere factor to determine the success of a hair transplant.
It’s hard to predict hair loss patterns for people under 30 years. As a result, the doctor remains undecided about planning a future-proof hair transplant for you. 


The possible solution is to keep clicking your scalp photos for one year(approx) and show that photo diary to a hair loss expert who will then analyze your condition and details the next steps.
The Donor Area: Your donor part is another leading factor to determine your suitability for a hair transplant.
If you don’t have hair at all on the scalp, Then a hair transplant is not meant for you ( you may go for ATP or Advanced Tricho Pigmentation.)


Those having hair in the donor region will have to pass the density. During the consultation, a doctor will examine your hair density as it plays a big part in how good your transplant will look.


The doctor’s with this test confirms that you have enough hair for a successful transplant and if any additional procedure is needed to be performed in the future.
Health: Your overall health is also accounted for before approving a hair transplant.
During the process, the patient has to go through a minor surgery that could involve minor risks. Hence, the Doctor confirms that the patient has retained an optimum health level.


Among many other medical factors, ECG is examined for patients above 45 years to determine their heart status. 
Hair transplant is a surgical treatment where grafts from your donor area or scalp region with hair are removed and implanted into the scalp without hair.


Hence, A hair Transplant is not for you if you are fully bald. 
You are a good hair transplant candidate if:
  1. Your Age Group is suitable for a hair transplant.
  2. You have enough hair dentistry in the donor area.
  3. Your Health is in optimum state.
These are the prime factors that decide your hair transplant eligibility.


If you would like more information about hair restoration treatments and your eligibility, please contact us today for free pre-consultation guidance.

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