Minoxidil is the only approved medication by the USFDA for treating Pattern Hair Loss.
The product is available in different concentrations, including 2% and 5%.


Both concentrations constitute Minoxidil in different strengths.


Will this difference affect their efficacy?


Rigorous Clinical Trials have confirmed concrete results and we have discussed them all below.


What Came Out Of 2%?


A study was done on 256 women for five months (approx) to examine the effectiveness of 2% minoxidil solution.


60% of the volunteers reported new hair growth, of whom 20% experienced moderate and 40% minimal growth. The solution was also found to be more effective than other placebo therapies.

How Did 5% Perform? 


In a similar study on 404 women, 5% Minoxidil foam was used for treating female pattern baldness.
Three months later, a Whopping improvement was observed in all the participants. Increased hair density, improved hair growth, and maximum hair density across the scalp.




A similar study was done on 500 males for five months where 90% of males (age between 21 – 45) experience great results .



Comparing  Results Of The Two Concentrations:


A long 11+ months trial was conducted to compare 2% topical minoxidil effects against 5% formulation to find which one was better at controlling hair loss.
The trial included a total of 213 men & women as participants. They were then divided into two groups.
The first group was given Minoxidil 2%, while the other group was assigned 5% formulation.
the 5% solution works effectively better than its counterpart 2%, even at lower application frequency.



The study clearly showed that 5% minoxidil did much better in promoting hair growth and increasing hair count. As participants applying 5% minoxidil gained 45% better results.
Researchers concluded that both concentrations are effective at stopping hair fall and improving hair growth. However, 5% Minoxidil formulation performed better in delivering results, especially in more severe hair loss cases.  



Minoxidil 2 vs 5 Side Effects


Minoxidil helps you achieve excellent hair density but does pose some tolerable side effects. For example, people using Minoxidil have reported the following side effects.


Telogen Effluvium


Under this condition, hair in the telogen phase falls off. The telogen phase is a resting period of an inch ( when your hair stops growing but stays attached to the roots of your scalp). 
Using Minoxidil may reduce the period of the telogen phase so new anagen hair can be produced. However, it’s a temporary setback.


Skin Irritation


Not all of you will face skin irritation. However, some individuals (having seborrheic dermatitis) are highly reactive to ingredients of Minoxidil and may feel irritation leading to redness on the scalp.
In such cases, stop the usage of Minoxidil and consult with a dermatologist.


Allergic Contact Dermatitis


Sometimes, when the skin interacts with Minoxidil, it can prompt an episode of allergic contact dermatitis. 
This medication has additionally been known to cause itchiness in bits of the skin it interacts with. 
In the event you find that you’re delicate to Minoxidil or its fixings or experience incidental effects like itchiness, attempt a substitute treatment for hair development after consulting with a dermatologist/hair expert. 
Do not use minoxidil, If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.





Minoxidil is among the most effective medications for encouraging hair growth in both men and women.
Both 2% and 5% formulations work on pattern baldness. In addition, you will observe visible results using both concentrations of Minoxidil. 
But, Studies have confirmed that 5% topical solution performed better at increasing hair count and promoting hair growth.
2% is considered suitable for females(initially) while 5% is preferred for men for best results.
However, according to research, females may switch to 5% concentration for availing better and quicker results if they don’t face any side effects using 2% for continuous two months.
Lastly, it’s always a wise decision to consult a dermatologist, hair care expert before starting a medicine.


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