Hair is precious to all men. Hair is the crown you never take off.

These strands define your identity, elevate your personality, and the first thing others notice about you.


Hair brings us all good.


are you aware that hair has its own life?


Well, Just like us humans they grow old and live through a life cycle. 
A hair moves through four different life cycles namely Anagen, Catagen, Telogen & Exogen.


Let us discuss all phases in detail and the mechanics of Human Hair.


A – Anagen Phase – Initiation of Hair life

Anagen Phase is the active phase of a hair.Cells at the root of hair divide rapidly and form new hair that pushes the club hair up the follicle and eventually out.
The new hair grows about 1/2 cm in fortnightly.
Oh, do you know that at any given time, about 80 – 90% of scalp hair remains in the anagen phase.
  • (club hairA hair that is not growing anymore is termed as club hair).


How much does your hair grow during the Anagen Phase?

Naturally, our Hair grows faster in summer than in winter.
However, The average growth rate remains at half an inch a month that accumulates to roughly 6 inches a year.


What is the length of the Anagen Stage?

Anagen Phase may last between 3-5 years (depending upon several stimuli that a hair may experience). During this time, hair may grow between 18 to 30 inches.
People of Asian descent experience the anagen phase much longer i.e. upto seven years, resulting in mammoth hair growth – about 3 feet long.


B – Catagen Phase – A Transitional Phase

In the Catagen phase, the active growth of your hair stops as the hair is cut off from the cells that build new-hair and the blood supply is detached.
At any given time, 3% of all your hair is in the Catagen Phase.


How long does the Catagen Stage last?

The Transitional Catagen Phase lasts for 10 days(Approximately).


C – Telogen Phase – Resting Phase

As the Hair naturally ages, it reaches the third stage of its life called Telogen Phase.
Commonly termed as the resting phase where Hair stops growing but remains attached to their follicles (Being pushed out by a new growing hair in the next stage).
An individual may have 10-15% hair in the Telogen Phase at any given time.
How long does the Telogen Stage last?
The Telogen stage lasts for about 3 months or 100 days.


D – Exogen Phase – The Last Stage

It’s the final stage of the growth cycle. Hair in their exogen phase starts to fall out as released from their follicles as new hair replaces them and starts the life cycle again.


How long does the Exogen Stage last?

During the exogen phase, Hair may start to fall between 2 to 5 months.


What Happens when the Hair Growth Cycle is Disrupted?

You start losing more hair and your baldness progresses! 


We need to understand that each hair undergoes a growth cycle at different times. i.e. – The hair follicles are independent.
For this reason only, we don’t lose all our hair at once.
Usually a healthy person may lose 50-100 hair each day. However, hair thinning, hair loss, & poor hair growth may occur if a normal growth cycle is disrupted.
What disturbs the natural growth cycle – Conditions like metabolic imbalances, illness or poor nutrition may lead to uneven growth cycles.


Measures I can take to keep strands Healthy at all stages –


Diet & Nutrition:

Maintaining a balanced diet having high-value nutrition(Iron, Protein, Fibre and vitamins helps regulate your hair growth cycle.
You may incorporate nutritional supplements to fill up the remaining nutrients.


Minimise stress:

Oh, Ho! How can you not take Stress seriously?
Please, Be aware. Tension, anxiety can result in an increased span of resting phase. That will mean, no new hair growth!
Adopt techniques like yoga and meditation to minimise stress.


Choose The Right Hair Care Products:

A right product will help your hair to make the most of whichever stage they’re in.
Limp/ lifeless hair or thin bunch; No matter what stage your hair is in. A good product helps your hair stay healthy and strong for long.

Take Away:


Our Hair undergoes a growth life cycle that includes four phases namely Anagen, Catagen, Telogen & Exogen.
  1. Hair growth Starts during the Anagen Phase.
  2. Hair growth stops in the Catagen Phase. 
  3. Telogen Phase is the resting phase. 
  4. Hair falls out in the Exogen Phase.

  • Life cycles of a Hair – 2-6 years.
  • Stress and poor diet may disturb the natural life cycle of a hair and lead to their early shedding.
  • Controlling stress, maintaining diet and nourishing hair with the right products will increase their life span and let them stay their best in whichever stage they are.

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