Medical Tests Required Before Hair Transplant Procedure

Although hair transplant is a minor procedure, like any other procedure certain medical check-ups are required to start the procedure.

There is some test to be taken before the hair transplant procedure. Most hair transplant clinics will expect you to take a blood test prior to the procedure. And many hair transplant clinics take tests before hair transplant procedure there only.

These tests are taken for your safety and to protect the surgeon, technicians, and anyone else who will be involved with your transplant.

Each of these FUT and FUE involves needles and scalpels and the possibility of the surgeon and technicians cutting or injecting themselves with a scalpel or needle contaminated with your blood is a very real possibility.

Whilst these risks can never be completely avoided in any surgical operation, most clinics seek to avoid exposure of their employees to the risk by having prospective hair transplant recipients take a blood test.

At the very least HIV and Hepatitis C is tested for. There may be tests for other infectious agents as well. You might need to arrange a test with your family doctor or the clinic may conduct the test themselves.

Usually, the test results are anonymous – the blood samples tested don’t carry your name, just a reference number that is given to you.

In the event that you are positive for an infectious agent, it need not stop you from having a hair transplant. The clinic, surgeon, and nurses may take extra precautions like using double gloves and being extra careful with needles and scalpels.

The blood test may also include an examination of bleeding/blood clotting time, and blood platelet count. A urinalysis may also be required to look for diabetes and other diseases.

An anaesthesia test is also taken to check how your body reacts to anaesthesia. Surgery can not proceed if your body is allergic to anaesthesia.

The hair transplant clinic will also probably want you to get a full medical check-up to make sure you are generally healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure.

If all the tests taken are positive only then surgeon allows you for the hair transplant procedure.