Hot n Fresh in Hair Transplant surgeries – This Man from Gurugram is excited about his upcoming look.

Name – Sachin

Age -31

Clinic -Hairfree & Hairgrow, Gurugram

Total Grafts Implanted – 3300

Method -FUE


Severe Frontal Loss


Mr Sachin is a Gurugarm based businessman. He was looking to cover his bald area as the man needs to appear professional and appealing to ensure crisp interaction with clients.


He contacted us last week. We suggested him to visit Hairgrow & Hairfree clinic in Gurugram and he contacted the clinic the very next day.


On July 28th, the transplant was performed without a hitch. The next day, Mr Sachin sounded excited about his upcoming upgraded look.
And, why would he not! As You can see how cool the results are? It’s only the matter of time when his bald area will be covered by full length, thick & strong hair.


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