Hair Transplant Result that made Mr. Madan Young Again-Haridwar


Name – Madan Kumar

Place – Haridwar

Clinic – Regrow Clinic Haridwar

Method – FUE

Grafts – 2270

Before Surgery

The Patient was suffering from Male Pattern Baldness. Living in Haridwar contacted us 8 months ago. Few surgeons are able to handle this kind of hair loss properly. Finally, he got his surgery done from Regrow clinic in Haridwar by Dr GK Sharma.

He was suffering from frontal hair loss and was looking for a frontal hairline that looks natural as well.

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After Surgery

Finally, surgery was performed at Regrow Clinic in Haridwar. We always recommend Regrwo clinic in Haridwar in terms of an experienced surgeon and professional team.

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After 2 Months

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After 3 Months

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After 6 Months