Hair transplant in Chandigarh

has become the talk of the town since noted consultants illuminated clinics of the beautiful city. But among those few worthy hair transplant facilities, Reviva Clinic emerged far and better.


Surmounting competition in the city, Reviva transpired its fine-quality hair care techniques and produced pre-eminent results, and became Town’s favorite.


Since the clinic is so much in the talk, we decided to review the deals practiced here.


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Reviva Clinic Review


Below listed criterion crack open clinic’s caliber all corner.
1- Qualification Of The Surgeon
2- Experience Of The Technical Staff
3- Infrastructure Of The Clinic
4- Results Of The Reviva Clinic
5- Follow-ups Taken by the Clinic
6- Feedback Of The Patients
Diminishing the vacillation, let’s explore the clinic’s orientation.
Reviva Clinic Chandigarh
Name:   Reviva Clinic
City:      Chandigarh 
State:    Punjab
Cost:     30rs per graft


Reviva clinic is an eminent locus for hair restoration in Chandigarh. State-of-the-art techniques formulated by the experienced staff are seriously effective and disposes of long-lasting results. 


Remember Adi-Irani from the Movie – ”Welcome”. He received that youthful look from Riviva itself.


Best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh


From Punjabi singers to several theatre artists of a similar domain have taken the surgical aid from the clinic. Jassi Gill, Dilpreet Dhillon & Jaswinder Bhalla are few names of the Punjabi entertainment industry whose enhanced looks have called public attention.


Reviva specializes in other cores including mustaches, beards, and other areas of hair transplantation. They ensure the absolute comfort of individuals availing of their treatment.

When results achieved are generous, you question the source curiously. The same goes for us, and we discovered the face behind this extraordinary work. Here, we reveal the details of the man behind Reviva’s success.


1- Qualification of the prime Surgeon of the clinic

    Dr. Pradeep Sohi, Medical director (



Dr. Prabdeep completed his in Cosmetic. He pursued plastic surgery as a specialty from the Institute of Medical Education and Research(PGIMER), Chandigarh – one of the most reputed institutes for Plastic surgery training in India.


He is one of the super-skilled surgeons of FUE hair transplant surgery in India with more than 4000 surgeries performed and thereby, called the Best hair transplant surgeon in Chandigarh.


2- Experience of the Technical Staff performing the hair restoration.

The skillful hands together –  Delivering the best hair transplant results, trained staff follow all medical procedures evenly. While being under the supervision of a leading Surgeon, the staff performs the tough series of the hair restoration process and ensures quality results at the end. 


Patient safety ensured – While carrying out their operations, it is precisely observed that the patient receives a restful treatment and feels no panic.

3- Infrastructure of the clinic

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting such decoration at a treatment facility. But the appearance made me shift my beliefs. Reviva concludes that we are living in modern India and official venues of all domains should reflect professionalism.
This clinic has a neat surgical room and a capacious waiting area which provides the Patients with a calm experience while they wait for their turn.


Clean and furnished reception look beautiful to eye-on. Making the place more charming, gleaming lights and ceilings spark the zone to its best, bestowing it a rich feel. 


Home not far – When you are tensed, being hungry is a common thing. The staff ensures that vising Patients feel the same as they would at home by providing them food and light music along with a dedicated lounge all for their comfort.


4- Quality of hair transplant results already delivered





Did we mention that apart from renowned faces, the clinic dedicatedly caters to common individuals like you and me? 


Yes, for sure Reviva Clinic is the first choice of Punjabi Singers and Actors. BUT They have served all men visiting them for treatment. 


The above images confirm their hard work. Beautifully implanted grafts & natural hairline looks great.
What assurity do they offer? They have a 95% graft survival ratio with a 100% success ratio.


Post-surgery follow-ups by Reviva

Keeping your patient engaged in post-surgical precautions completes the medical duties of a practitioner.  


So far what we have heard from patients – The medical team remained in touch with them post their hair transplant surgeries. 


Feedback of people

You praise something when you realize its true potential. People call us to affirm their satisfaction and ink out our delusions about the brand. We too appreciate the work by Reviva as the results delivered are evidently great.


Hair transplant cost in Chandigarh

Chandigarh through an expensive place to live, Reviva’s revolutionary technology and sustainable tools make your surgery surprisingly inexpensive.


The cost of a hair transplant in Chandigarh varies with the clinic you visit, however, the total cost of hair restoration surgery depends on your graft requirements. At Reviva, you are charged around 30rs per graft.


Best hair transplant in Chandigarh?

We all hail for the best. It is then our experience that defines if a service was good and delivered the desired result.


After analyzing such beautiful results and optimistic feedbacks from clients themselves, It is hard to deny that Reviva offers the best hair transplant results in Chandigarh.

Our Comments

It’s sharp and sheer what Reviva has compounded in the past years. Dedicated results and a satisfied client base achieved with experience-based ardent procedures have made the brand our go for. 


We recommend this clinic if you are in or near Chandigarh and desire similar results without scratching your pocket much.


Happy Transplant

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