In this article, we are going to review a best known hair transplant clinic in uttarakhand named as REGROW CLINIC HARIDWAR.

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You are at right place.

We will give review according to these parameters


1. Qualification of the main surgeons of the clinic

2. Experience of the technical staff performing the hair restoration

3. Infrastructure of the Clinic

4. Quality of hair transplant results already delivered

5. Experience of the patients.

These are the most important parameters according to which one can decide weather a hair transplant clinic is good or not for his hair transplant surgery. I also followed these steps to finalize the clinic for my hair transplant surgery and got wonderful results you can see on my youtube channel.

1. Qualification of the main surgeon of the hair transplant clinic

First of all let me tell you one thing, there is not even a single hair transplant clinic in the world where the whole hair transplant surgery is performed only by hair transplant surgeon. It simply means that hair transplant is a procedure in which there are some parts of the procedure that are performed by some specific staff.

*Hairline making – Main Surgeon
*Extraction of the grafts from the donor area – Main Surgeon
*Making of slits – Main Surgeon
*Sorting of Grafts – Technicians
*Implantation Of Grafts – Technicians or Surgeons

But one thing is mandatory, the whole surgery should be performed under supervision of the main hair transplant surgeon of the hair transplant clinic.

Dr. Ketan Kolekar
( MD SKIN & VD )

Dr Ketan Kolekar is young and a passionate hair transplant surgeon having experience of 5 years.

2. Experience of the Technical Staff performing Hair Transplant Surgery


The technical staff of the regrow clinic are permanent since 5 years with having great experience in hair transplant.

3.Infrastructure of the Clinic

Lets have some glimpse of the highly equipped infrastructure of the Regrow Clinic Haridwar

4. Regrow Clinic Haridwar Results


One thing is clearly seen, their artistry in hairline making.
They are really good at giving natural hairlines and enhancing facial framing of the individual.

Lets have a look at a review of a result of Regrow clinic Haridwar.

5. Experience Of The Patients


After checking Regrow Clinic reviews on different platforms it seems they have vary positive reviews on each and every platforms.

NOTE :- We also got around 100+ positive reviews of the patients who have got their surgery done from Regrow Clinic Haridwar through our channel and website also.
And if you have also got your surgery done from this clinic, please let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

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