People having excessive hair loss trouble must be knowing about “Hair transplant”. As hair loss causes many problems counting – anxiety & depression in thereby, effecting individual’s social life-course.

How can people get the best treatment to overcome this hard-hitting situation?

The Answer is-. A reliable cure for your hair loss issues. But the question is, how to find one?

Here, We appear the scene. Best-hair-help helps you in finding the best hair transplant clinic near you.

Best-hair-help – Best-hair-help is an online hair transplant portal. Where we answer the questions related to hair transplant and shares guidance on available hair restoration methodologies. 

What clinic is it?

A Bangalore based clinic- The name is Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Centre.

Planning to get your hair transplant from an affordable clinic in Bangalore?  Readout further description to know more.

Clinic Analysis

Here, you can identify the clinic reliability through below guidelines

1- Qualification of the main Surgeon

2- Experience of the Technicians performing hair restoration process

3 The Infrastructure of the clinic 

4- Quality of hair transplant results already delivered

5- Post Surgery follow-ups taken by the clinic

6- Feedback of the people

Name: Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Centre

City: Bangalore

State: Karnataka

Cost: 35rper graft 

Pioneer was established in 2006 by Dr Sreedhar Reddy Pothula, an expert in the art of hair restoration and one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in India. Pioneer advanced hair transplant centre is a Bangalore based clinic situated in HSR Layout. In Pioneer, several hundreds successful hair transplant cases have been performed and they have treated over 4000+ happy patients from every region overall the world with ideal results consistently for the past 6+ years.

Using aesthetic approach

1-Most reliable and dedicated team with more than 7 years of experience in hair transplant.

2-Over 10,000+ happy patients for hair fall control medication.

3-Pioneer is one of the leading hair transplant centres in India, It has no branch.

4-Productive approach with personalized direction for every ease.

Qualification of the main Surgeon 

Dr. Sreedhar Reddy

Academic details and Accomplishments

Dr Sreedhar Reddy completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degree from Bapuji Educational Institutes. He pursued his post-graduation degree in the field of Reconstructive, oral and maxillofacial surgery in the year 2003. After completing his graduation, he served as an Assistant Professor in various colleges. 

Expertness and Artistic approach

He expertise his skills in facial plastic surgeries like Rhinoplasty, Orthognathic and facial trauma under the training of Dr. David P Tauro, a world’s renowned Craniofacial, facial plastic and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Dr Reddy is an expert in the field of hair restoration. With his vast experience of 15 years in hair restoration surgery and as a facial and maxillofacial surgeon he changed the lives of thousand people and assisted them to bring back their confidence by curing hair loss problems. He has performed more than 4000+ successful cases of hair restoration.

His influence towards Patients

Dr Reddy is a calm person and treats his patients with extensive care. When he opened his first clinic for private practice in Bangalore, his top-class hair restoration results gained a huge number of patients in all states of India and more than 36 countries. Patients visit Dr Reddy with incredible hopes to restore their confidence and self-esteem through hair transplant surgeries. Patients who live far away, Dr Reddy connects with them through mail or WhatsApp. Dr Reddy is highly acknowledged by many of the world-class hair transplant doctors for his excellent work in the hair restoration field, especially for the quality of receding hairlines and density.

The Infrastructure of the clinic

The ambience of Pioneer keeps it maintenance with a pleasing interior. It has a neat surgical room well-equipped with the latest tools to use the artistic approach in the surgical process. The waiting area is very soothing and relaxing, giving a relaxing environment to their patients while they wait for their turn. 

Technicians experience of performing the hair restoration process

Pioneer offers exceptional hair loss cure and treatment by one of the best teams of hair transplant Surgeons in India. The team of well-trained Technicians and nurses always strive to provide you with the best medical care throughout the whole surgical procedure. They perform the hair restoration process under the guidance of a prime surgeon. With their higher modern facilities, they ensure that their patients get the best treatment and care.

Quality of hair transplant results

Hair transplant results at this clinic are simply amazing. Staff keep an eye to detail and ensure producing most natural-looking hairlines by carefully performing the transplantation and elimination of harvested single follicles for FUE procedure. They have a 97% graft survival ratio of implanted hair with a 100% success rate.

The results are seriously good.

Post-surgery follow-ups taken by the clinic

They are very honest with their jobs. Post-surgery they keep guiding patients about required care and precautions. 

Feedback of the people

People who got their hair transplantation done from this clinic are satisfied with their proven results. They are happy to get the post-surgery guidance from the clinic.

Clinic insights

Clinic appears simple yet best to observe. There isn’t much fancy about the way it is designed, but deliver comfortable ambience.

Cost of hair transplant in Bangalore

The exact cost of hair transplant depends on the number of graft required by the patients. They charge you around 35rs per graft at Pioneer.

Get the best hair transplant 

Want to get the similar results that are mentioned above? For fulfilling your hair restoration needs visit Pioneer advanced hair transplant centre in Bangalore.

Happy Transplant



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