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Another Day, Another Review

Dear Readers, We always hear what you ask for. After receiving an overwhelming response, we finally decided to review Outbloom.

“Outbloom” is a Jaipur based hair transplant clinic popular among the locals and today we will introduce it to the rest.

Straight to the details – 

Below, listed parameters define the clinics worth.

1-Qualification of the main Surgeon

2-Experience of the Technicians of performing the hair restoration process

3-The Infrastructure of the clinic

4-Quality of hair transplant results already delivered

5-Post surgery follow-ups taken by the clinic

6-Feedback of the people

Name: Outbloom clinics
City:   Jaipur 
State: Rajasthan
Cost:  30rs per graft

Outbloom is equipped with an ultra-modern operation theatre and advanced laser machines. It is renowned for using FUE technique in hair transplant in Jaipur with over 1000 successful hair restoration procedures for national & international patients. Surgeons at Outbloom are highly skilled in the field of hair restoration.

If you are in doubt regarding choosing this clinic for your hair transplant, let’s look into their results, quality and qualification of a prime surgeon of the clinic.

Qualification of the main Surgeon – 

Dr Aklish Jain

 Profile Analysis –

Dr Aklish Jain is a Managing Director of Outbloom Skin & Laser Clinic. He did his MD in Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology from the most reputed Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education Research in Chandigarh, where he was honoured with a silver medal. He completed MBBS from SMS Medical College in Jaipur.

He has organized various workshops on hair restoration subject and has attended hair transplant Conferences including managing the Hair Transplant Conclave in 2016 as an organizing secretary.

His eager affection in research induced him to spearhead the dose-ranging study of the drug acitretin for psoriasis as a principal researcher where he was involved in administering drugs, collecting the data, monitoring the progress and disease activity in patients. 

He Poses Expertise in – 

Dermatosurgery: Scar Revision, Nail Avulsion, Mole Excision.

Acne Scar Revision: Derma roller, Punch Grafting, Subcision.

Laser Therapy: Skin Cancers, Facial Resurfacing.

Cosmetic Dermatology: Non-surgical Facelift, Mesotherapy, Chemical Peels & Botox

Melanocytes Blister Grafting.

Hair Restoration Surgery- Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE).

Melanocyte Transplant for Vitiligo: Ultra-thin skin Grafting, Melanocyte Suspension. Immunotherapy for Urticaria Psoriasis

Some Presentations He Lectured – 

1-Techniques of painless local Anaesthesia in hair transplant, Hair Transplant Conclave in   Udaipur, Rajasthan(2016).

2-5th Annual Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery International League Congress in Dubai(2016).

3-Female Hair Transplant, advanced CME on hair transplant in Kathmandu, Nepal(2017).

Experience of the Technicians of performing the hair restoration process

All the staff at Outbloom are equally experienced. They execute the hair restoration process after getting an acknowledgement from a prime surgeon of the clinic. The training session on a regular basis in Outbloom includes a live demo in the operation theatre by Dr Aklish Jain as he performs the surgical process and explains every step. At the end of the procedure, Staff executes their first surgery under careful direction.

Learning of step by step procedure

The hair transplant training in Outbloom follows a sequential schedule and every step is demonstrated in detail on actual patients.

  • Understanding the anatomy of the scalp and visual and vascular support.
  • Various types of hair loss and indications for transplant.
  • Well-defined pre-existing process instructions and guidance on medical publications to consult.
  • Patient Consultation- Estimation of donor area density, Hamilton-Norwood Classification calculation of graft requirements.
  • Identifying anatomical proportions & spot locations & Hairline design..

Looking for a budget-friendly clinic in Jaipur? Follow along to know more.

The Infrastructure of the clinic


You will fall in love with the ambience of Outbloom. Honestly, I am surprised by an astonishing interior of the facility room, the way it has been designed is so vivacious. It has a neat surgical room well-equipped with the state of the art technologies and tools. The waiting area is spacious and gives a pleasing environment to make patients feel relaxed.

Delivered Hair transplant results quality

Hair transplant results at this clinic are mind-blowing. They have a 97% graft survival ratio of implanted hair with a 100% success rate, ensuring to design natural-looking hairlines.

Post-surgery follow-ups by the clinic

An ultimate guide of post-surgical routine. After the successful transplant procedure, you will be detailed with a fair list of dos and don’ts. If needed, they welcome you connecting them back for resolutions and doubts of all.

Out Bloom’s patient review? – Patients have shared positive statements with us on call and on other platforms. Patients claim the clinic to be one of the best hair transplant facilities in Rajasthan.

They seem satisfied with the result they achieved, beyond the best post support guidance from this clinic. 

Cost of hair transplant in Jaipur

The total cost of hair transplant can be identified by the number of grafts required by the patients. At Outbloom clinic they charge you around 30rs per graft.

Best hair transplant results in Rajasthan

Looking for an effective hair transplant? Visit Outbloom clinic in Jaipur.

Happy Transplant


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