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Hair loss is a common problem that affects over 50% of men and women worldwide. A reach claims that half the population live a desolate life and breathe in apathy for hereditary errors they have. Experiencing hair loss? A timely cure saves further trouble else, You may suffer emotional blackout often leading to personal, social and work-related insecurities. A viable clinic can secure your hair loss problems. The question is how to find one? This is where we came in. Best-Hair-Help helps you locate the best hair transplant clinic near you. Before we start – Please know that Best Hair help is our initiative to educate people about hair transplant. Best-hair-help –  Best-hair-help is an online hair transplant portal where we answer hair transplant queries and share our opinion on hair restoration. This portal will also help you find the best hair transplant clinics in or near your town/city. Our trustworthiness  We have inspected over 300+ clinics, communicated with 800+ expert doctors and advised best options to 2300+ patients regarding their hair restoration needs. As a dedicated hair transplant guidance portal, we ensure that the information we share here is viable and correct. Want to get your hair transplant from a budget-friendly clinic in Chandigarh? Follow along.  What clinic you ask? It’s a Chandigarh based clinic, and the name is- Neograft advanced hair transplant centre Check out these parameters to determine the clinic’s reliability 1- Qualification of the main Surgeon  2- Experience of the Technicians performing the hair restoration process 3- the Infrastructure of the clinic  4- Quality of hair transplant results already delivered 5- Post-surgery follow-ups by the clinic  6- Feedback of the people Clinic review Name: Neograft City: Chandigarh State: Punjab Cost: 35rs per graft Headed by Dr Nav Vikram who is a prominent hair restoration Surgeon, Neograft was established in 2010. Their dedicated artistic approach of hair transplant applauded globally. Neograft is a highly recommended clinic for foreign clients who want to get the best hair transplantation at a line-up cost. Neograft professional confidentiality From the moment at the clinic by the clinic manager, till the completion of a procedure, you will feel a personal touch and the confidence is in the right hands. The direct confrontation with the surgeon assists you in attaining confidence and making a decision to go ahead. Their modern approach and practical explanation of predicted results help you visualize how exactly you are going to look post-surgery of hair transplant. Taking care of hygiene Sanitation and cleanliness are strictly practised during the hair transplant process. There is surely no chance of side effects during a hair transplant. They have a separate department for sanitation with dedicated staff taking care of all aspects of hygiene. Neograft is an authentic brand that delivers quality results while satisfying customers preference.

Qualification of the main surgeon

Dr Nav Vikram Kamboj

MD Dermatology, MBBS, Venereology & Leprosy

Dr Nav Vikram Kamboj is a leading hair transplant surgeon at Neograft. He completed his graduation and post-graduation from P.G.I. Rohtak. When he was doing a residency in plastic surgery he expanded his passion for hair transplant. With his vast experience of more than 8 years in hair transplant, Dr Nav has been honoured with many awards in the hair restoration field. Experience of the Technicians performing the hair restoration process Technicians at Neograft have been personally trained by Dr Nav Vikram, Team members are equally expertise in performing the hair restoration process. They proceed with the move of performing hair restoration process after getting an acknowledgement from a prime Surgeon. Staff have a minimum of five years of experience in hair transplantation. Rigid training protocols and dedication of technicians in commitment to services has made achieving them delivering accurate results. Quality of delivered hair transplant results Because of its ease of techniques and artistic methodology in hair transplant, Neograft stands as a most renowned hair transplant centre globally. They have a 97% graft survival ratio of implanted hair with a 100% success rate, ensuring to produce natural-looking hairlines.  Post-surgery follow-ups are taken by the clinic They are very sincere about their duties. They keep guiding their patients about taking the required precautions and care post hair transplant surgeries. Feedback of the people People who got their hair transplantation done from this clinic are satisfied with their proven results and post support guidance from the clinic. They share their satisfactory results when asking about their hair transplantation done by this clinic.

Clinic Appearance

Design and framing are simple yet effective. You will feel the calmness being in there.

Cost of the Hair Transplant The total cost of hair transplant depends on the basis of a number of grafts required by the patient. At Neograft clinic they charge you approx 35rs per graft. Get the best hair transplant If you want similar results, we strongly recommend you to visit the Neograft clinic in Chandigarh. Happy Transplant  

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