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If you planning to get your hair transplant treatment done in Delhi, you are at the right stop.

Hi, I am Prabhat Nawani(hair transplant educator on youtube), and today I’ll be discussing a hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

Please note that- I have personally investigated over 300+ hair transplant clinics, talked with 500+ doctors and consulted over 1000+ Patients regarding their hair restoration needs.

Moreover, I run a consultancy with the name best-hair-help, here we offer a free of cost consultation regarding all hair loss related problems and explicate many aspects of hair transplant.

Now, let’s look over into the clinic’s worth.

To identify the clinic’s reliability, we have defined some parameters that are listed below:

1- Qualification of the main Surgeon

2- Experience of the Staff

3- The Infrastructure of the clinic

4- Results of the Medlinks clinic

5- Cost of the hair transplant 

6- Feedback of the people recommended by me

Today, we are reviewing the Medlinks clinic’s details.


Medlinks Clinic

Name: Medlinks Clinic

City:    Delhi

State:  Delhi

Cost:   30rs per graft

Medlinks provides globally recognized treatments to solve the Patient’s hair restoration problems. They provide an effective solution for recovering from baldness. Their knowledge about hair transplant procedures is too good. They assure the safety of the Patients throughout the process of hair restoration.

Still, if you are getting confused about your hair loss treatment done from Medlinks, we are sharing the qualification of the main Surgeon, experience and results in details with you.

Qualification of the main Surgeon of the clinic 

Dr Gaurang Krishna (MD)

Dr Gaurang Krishna is a prominent, expert hair restoration Surgeon who developed a hair transplant technique named perfect-i and practised Aesthetic Dermatology. He pursued his medical degree from a reputed college. He is well versed in treating Patients all kind of hair loss and skin problems. He completed his training in hair restoration surgery and cosmetic dermatology from globally Plastic Surgeons. His aim is to produce maximum customer satisfaction with minimum risks. 

Experience of the staff performing the hair restoration

Each staff are equally expert in performing the hair restoration process. They perform the surgery under the guidance of the leading Surgeon. The Surgeon finds the best solution available then monitors the staff in performing the surgeries. The process they use is safe.

The Infrastructure of the clinic

 The ambience of this clinic is quite good. They have the modern operating room which facilitates the latest hi-quality equipment including stereo-microscope, high-resolution cameras, electrically adjustable operating table and cold led lights. Medlinks has a neat surgical room and a dedicated waiting area which provides a relaxing environment for their Patients. In their Medspa centre, they have four treatment rooms with extensive space.

Quality of the results already delivered

They implant the grafts beautifully and produce natural good looking hairlines. Having the 95% of grafts survival ratio of the implanted hair, they provide the hair restoration results with 100% success ratio. Take a look at images above and judge for yourself.

Post-surgery follow-ups taken by the clinic

We have been unified with this brand for a long time and never felt any regret. They are sincere about their jobs. They have always been in touch with their Patients after hair transplant surgeries.

Experience of the Patients who visited on my recommendation

People are happy with their hair transplant surgery and post support for hair restoration. They always greet me with their smiling gestures and share satisfying feedback.

Cost of hair transplant in Delhi

The cost of hair transplant surgery depends on the number of grafts required by the Patients. It would cost you around 30rs per graft.

Best hair transplant in Delhi

Finally, if you are from Delhi and looking for the results which are mentioned above then, we strongly recommend you to visit Medlinks clinic in Delhi

Happy Transplant

Note: These results last forever.



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