Do you need help with your hair fall?  


Has your work pressure made your loving strands go away?


You are in your 30s, but you appear to be in your 50s?


Are you too busy to evaluate a hair transplant clinic and can’t find a better one?


Maybe this is the last time you would say “YES” to all these questions?


Hi Bangaloreans, it’s time to put a full stop at all hair loss problems.


Introducing La DensitaeA modern-day hair transplant facility managed by virtuosi.  


At La Densitae , hair transplant is performed in a hygienic, sanitized and sterilized environment under Highly trained and experienced supervision.


Under the leadership of Gajanan Jadhao (Senior Surgeon), a team of 20 + doctors is practising to the best of their ability to produce highly satisfying results with almost zero side effects. 


16000 + patients have found their best version back after a successful hair transplant session.



With La Densitae , you can avail exceptional hair transplant results in India at affordable rates in a comfortable atmosphere. The center offers all Hair & Skin treatments with sterling facilities under one roof.            


With the latest techniques and machinery, they can grant you results only a few can.


Clinic’s Avant-Garde technologies and OR firms positive outcomes for Hair loss and Skincare problems. The hair transplant center has an FDA-approved diode laser machine with excellent results.


The staff has expertise in handling the all-new equipment used in Hair Transplant and Cosmetic techniques.




Uncunning results, Unpallerlesred satisfaction, cutting-edge perfection. 


  • Highly-qualified doctors who personally conduct the procedure and are experts in all hair transplant techniques.
  • The Clinic follows strict protocols in safety and hygiene that ensure the patient’s best protection.
  • The staff are courteous and greet the patient well.
  • Their skilled staff and technicians make the procedure easy to deal with. 
  • With state-of-the-art technology, they can perform painless hair transplants. And patients don’t feel any pain or sleepless nights.
  • Hair transplant is affordable, and they provide EMI options for low-income group individuals.
  • The hair transplant success rate at La Densitae is towering. It’s an assurity that a patient will receive natural-looking results with high coverage.



About Gajanan Jadhao (Owner of La densitae )

MBBS, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC),

Diploma in Anesthesiology.


  1. Gajanan Jadhao Is an experienced surgeon with 9+ years of practice. He studied trichology at the University of Germany.


  1. Gajanan Jadhao founded La densitae in 2012. The doctor is a skilled Trichologist with 8+ years of expertise in the most advanced hair transplant techniques. Furthermore, he is known to transplant maximum hair grafts in a single session, making him one of India’s best surgeons for hair transplants.


  1. Gajanan Jadhao is backed by a team of highly trained and experienced doctors and technicians.


Efficient Team of Doctors  

A team of highly qualified and experienced hair transplant doctors efficiently performs hair transplant treatment with proper care and safety.
Plus, their Innovative hair transplant techniques have given guaranteed results in a comparatively shorter period.


A few questions you might have.


Will my transplantation results look natural?
Yes, your hair transplant will look 100% natural. No one will be able to distinguish between your new transplanted hairs and natural hairs.
You can safely trust La densitae , Pune’s most reliable hair clinic, to do a thorough hair transplant job.



How long does the hair take to grow after the Transplant?
First, will largely shed the transplanted hair within the first three weeks of the 3 weeks of Transplant. After this, the transplanted follicle goes into a so-called “sleep mode” where it does not produce hair for a while
3 to 4 months: You will see about 10 to 20% of hair growth within these months after the hair transplant.
Next 6 months: Around 50% of hair growth can be seen.
Under 8 to 9 months, patients witness 80% of hair growth.
After the hair transplant, it usually takes 9 to 12 months to achieve full results.




How many sessions are required for a hair transplant procedure?

  1. A hair transplant requires perfection and accuracy in the placement of the grafts. So there is a limit to how many grafts are placed in a session for both accuracy and health of the patient.
  1. One sitting takes around 7 to 8 hours. 2500 hair grafts can be transplanted at most in a session. Depending on the factors mentioned above, they can sometimes go to 3000 hair grafts again.
  1. It will take up to 2 to 3 sessions if you require more than 3000 grafts.


What is the cost of a hair transplant in La densitae?

To begin with, the cost per hair graft is between ₹25 to ₹50 at the La densitae clinic. Various factors determine the cost of a hair transplant procedure at the La densitae , such as
  • Method of Hair Transplant
  • Number of Grafts
  • The expertise of the surgeon
  • The extent of baldness area


They offer zero cost EMI facility for the patients who can’t afford the fee in one go.
It would be best to discuss suggestions in detail regarding cost, time is taken for treatment, and the recovery period with the Clinic itself.


Let’s Sum Up

La densitae is a comprehensive hair transplant facility offering solutions to skin and hair-related problems.
The Clinic is powered by highly constructive, well-read, skilled, experienced doctors. 
LA densitae is fueled with an FDA-approved diode laser machine and other top-notch technologies accruing great hair transplant results.  


La densitae Hair Transplant Center provides world-class hair transplants at an affordable cost. 
EMI facility at 0% interest rate with minimal documentation required.


Still, have doubts? Fill the form on the home page, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly. 


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