Hair Transplant is a serious affair in one’s life. It changes the way you appear. Hence, making the right selection before opting for a hair transplant should be your core priority.

People dreaming of achieving healthy feathers on their scalp find hair transplant the only reliable method. And indeed, it’s true.
With improved mechanics and advanced technology, experienced doctors can deliver the customized results to patients.

But WAIT! Do you know the right place to have a hair transplant?
Are you aware of factors that describe a clinic’s authenticity?

If the answer is a Big NO, THEN, you should continue reading this post as we have described the most dominating factors that qualify the worth of a hair transplant clinic.

Let’s get started.
Alluring options might confuse you, But staying vigilant at choosing the right hair transplant center is vital.

Prominent factors you should look for:
1- Credibility of Hair Transplant Surgeon
2 – Doctors Experience
3 – Technical Staff
4 – Clinic’s staff Friendliness
5 – Patients Feedback
6 – Technology used by the clinic
7 – Successful Surgeries Ratio:

Time to go into details: First and Foremost Factor:

Hair Transplant Surgeon

A hair transplant surgeon plays vital role in making your hair transplant a Success. He is going to be the one performing the implantation process.

How to find one with the best skills?
Look out for his Qualification: Only well-read surgeons with good experience are a reliable choice.

Doctor Credentials:
Surgeons are the most influential factor to mind while choosing a hair transplant clinic.

Do we even need to discuss the importance of your head? Would you offer your head for surgery to someone newbie?
You should check for the degree qualifications of the surgeon performing surgery. Meet the doctor personally at the hair transplant center/clinic

Transplanting hair safely and accurately is a tough job. Not every doctor is trained in performing a hair transplant. This fact led us to our second point:

Doctors Experience

Of course, Experience counts. A surgeon with more successful hair-implanting surgeries is a reliable doctor for hair transplants. A good surgeon should have achieved 90% success ratio.

  1. You should Keep a Note of the Doctor’s record: Check the number of surgeries he/she has performed, and confirm if they are keeping up with the latest advancements.

FUE has taken over the old techniques like FUT. Hence, the surgeon should carry through the new ways.

Alright, Doctors alone cannot perform your surgery. They need a team of skilled technicians to do the job effortlessly.


The Technical Staff

People other than Doctors at an operation Theater play a vital role in delivering positive results.
Experienced minds and skilled hands make an impervious combination to any failures and benefit patients from all wisdom.

The staff should be experienced and well in coordination with the doctor. They must perform as per the doctor’s command. During the consultation, Patients should confirm the qualification and Experience of the supporting staff as well.

Clinic’s Staff Friendliness

Staff’s Sentiment:
Your first visit to a hair transplant clinic should be extremely vigilant. It would help if you asked questions to the person offering consultation or pre-consultation guidance.

  • There are centers where unprofessional and inexperienced people try to take over the expertise a doctor can offer.
  • They lack the right knowledge about hair transplants and are often not licensed to perform the surgery.

Do mind checking the backstory of the clinic from other patients and online resources.

Patients Feedback

Old is Gold, They say. Taking a piece of mind from patients having done their hair transplant surgery from the clinic is a wise move.
Doing so will confirm all your doubts and ensure you choose the right place for such a vital job.
Connect with a patient directly (if possible) or take the help of a hair transplant guide who can give you life-saving tips that you can use to judge a hair transplant clinic better.

Alright, so far, we have covered the human aspects of a reliable hair transplant clinic.
It’s time to explore the Technical aspects that decide the competency of a clinic.

The Technology Used by Clinic

  • Advanced and updated technology ensures quality results and better comfort.
    Hair transplant is a delicate job, and a slight mistake may ruin the entire surgery. All this makes the use of avant-garde technology a must to achieve the results every patient looks for without putting out much.
  • Apart from great machinery, the Techniques used also signifies the resulting quality. The use of the latest and globally renowned methods will ensure great results.

Ensure that the clinic should have all the latest equipment in a worthy condition and staff is interested in revealing them all.

Final Points that you should consider before you make a final move.


Successful Surgeries Ratio

Oh, so far, you would already have gained that gut feeling about clinics reliability.
But there is a Catch. Even though everything seems fine with the above-given points being ticked right, Your go-to clinic may be falling behind in terms of quality results.

Check for the records. See for the results other patients have achieved after their surgery.
A 100% success ratio is an ideal one. If all the patients have received great-looking results, you can sign the deal.

Cost: Tuning in Your Pocket.

Your expense should listen to your pocket unquestionably.
Ask for the price and request a negotiation. Though, not every clinic will offer a price-cut. Exploring options will land you a better deal.
(We offer you free-of-cost guidance on hair transplant and share you the details of most affordable and reliable Hair transplant centers in India.)

Okay, Now we feel like you are a well-read reader and know everything about a perfect hair transplant clinic.

  • Conclusion: To ensure a healthy hair transplant, you should scan:

    Doctor qualification and Experience:

    Staff Technical Knowledge

    Staff Behavior and support

    Previous Results

    Technology/Method being Used

    Success Ratio

    Pricing Offered

We hope you found the post useful, and it wises up to your thoughts on the topic.
If you are seriously looking for some reliable source to know more about hair transplants, you can reach us and clear all your doubts and fears. You can call or WhatsApp us at +91 7452920171; we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for the valuable time you spent reading this article.

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