Hear Out This Awesome Hair Transplant journey from Uttarakhand


It’s been days since we last talked with you. But patience always pays off.
Today we are back again with another inspiring story of  Dinesh Lakheria.
Name – Dinesh Lakheria, 29
Place – Uttarakhand
Clinic – Regrow Clinic
Method – FUE
Grafts – 2350
Aggressive Baldness
This man works in a medical plant in Noida. His DNA and work profile led his offset condition to a
deteriorating edge. Working in the plant was bad already, BUT the Last three years were the worst.
He lost front and temple to an overloaded shift and the compounded atmosphere. The man sacrificed all precious hair during the time, making him look old.


The Problem Led To Another Hitch.


His age compelled him to start a search for his mate, but the hair loss made the job difficult for him. (obviously, no one prefers a bald guy)


Dinesh could have accepted what he was served and let his unlucky fate rot his groom. BUT, He denied remaining in misery and decided to hike for the better and start looking for a solution to his baldness.


Finding Me – A New Beginning


Dinesh came to know about best hair help after he scrolled videos across social portals. My YouTube channel became his last resort where he gets to connect with me.


Here are his pre-surgery pics.



The front and Temple areas have lost all hair 

We talked Over The Phone
After he called me, his first question was so obvious – Is hair transplant permanent?


To which I politely replied – “Yes Dear, I am living proof of it.” To support my answer, I later explained other dominant factors related to the topic, giving the man a sigh of relief.


While continuing the conversation, I asked for his scalp pictures. 


Analyzing The Scalp


I released the need for a hair transplant and advised him to visit a hair transplant clinic.


I suggested that he should visit Delhi as he was living in Noida. But due to corona fear, he refused to go there.


Then I recommended him to visit the Regrow clinic in Uttarakhand. We talked over the phone, and he decided to visit the clinic in June. 


Meeting The Doctor 
After arranging his appointment, He met the senior surgeon on 12th July, who consult him Regarding his hair transplant needs. They agreed to perform surgery the next day. 


Surgery Performed



It all happened successfully. Mr. Dinesh was finally moving to his new version. The next day of his
consultation i.e. 13th July, surgery was completed before Five in the eve. The doctor made a precise
implant of hair in the recipient area without hampering the donor part.


Results After a Month




What do you say? Well, I was impressed with the results he achieved in a month only.

Results After Six Months




There you are. Mr. Dinesh has achieved back his beautiful hair and a youthful look.



Final Words


Dinesh had a lot going in his mind. He was worried about the hair transplant price and hair transplant side effects.


After reading hundreds of hair transplant reviews, analyzing several previous results and intaking my confident assurance, he agreed to have a hair transplant.


And today we all know his decision was worth taking. His hair transplant journey in Uttarakhand remained even awesome. He managed some more time for him and take a comfortable ride to Mussoorie hill station. He was excited and enjoy a good time there.


India Is a Safe Place For Hair Transplant.


Hair transplant in India has become a hot potato in western nations. With an immensely great hair transplant success rate and innovative techniques, India is taking a trailblazing lead in the industry.


It is your time to take that bold move. Stop worrying and start churning the good for you.
Connect with us and become a fruitful part of this life-changing initiative.

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