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Unexpected Hair Transplant Result of Mr Anurag From Haridwar


Name – Anurag

Place – Haridwar

Clinic – Regrow Clinic Haridwar

Method – FUE

Grafts – 1650

Before Surgery

The Patient was suffering from Male Pattern Baldness. Living in Haridwar
contacted us 8 months ago. Few surgeons are able to handle this kind of
hair loss properly. Finally, he got his surgery done from Regrow clinic in
Haridwar by Dr Ketan.
He was suffering from frontal hair loss and was looking for a frontal hairline that looks natural as well.

Post Surgery

Finally, surgery was performed at Regrow Clinic in Haridwar. We always
recommend Regrow clinic in Haridwar in terms of an experienced surgeon
and professional team.

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After 6 Months

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  1. I am a 69 year old male from Bangladesh interested to get hair transplantation by Dr. Prabhat Nawani. My health is good though have diabetes but under control with insulin.
    I will send photos of my head to know the appropriate Number of grafts and cost, location of clinic and other information. I want to get the surgery as soon as the situation normalises after Covid 19.

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