An Untold “Change For Better” Story

Rajiv, 29, says he has always been a happy-go-lucky man and never takes things too seriously.


Friends advised him to own a new bike as the current one has completed 10 years of its service. Also, his clothes remained old-fashioned But opted to stay modest.


But on the day of his 27th Birthday, his dream girl, whom he loved in heart and prayers,



screamed drowsy comments to his bald patches along with his simple put-ups, ordinary lifestyle, etc, putting off his happy singing tone.


She Started openly abusing his appearance, nicknaming (Mr. Bald, Ugly, Dumb, Nerd, etc).
Her vocal marks were followed by some inappropriate physical jacks by others. Office Colleagues pulling his scalp, patting his backhead, etc. The event became meanly insane.


The birthday party turned into a tantrum as comments and reactions on Mr. Rajiv were rudely cold. None in the party supported him but laughed.


This mischievous lady made the event public on Facebook, and Rajiv was humiliated there as well.


He didn’t file a case for the only reason that the lady had been his love since their first impression in the office they both were working in.


That day, he realized that she and others whom he cared for so much are bad societal commentators of this materialistic world. They judged his appearance to be ugly.


He remained indoors for the next few days and had given his resignation the next day as he could not work with people having a devil mindset.


Get More Defined
He decided to make a comeback and started looking for a solution. Met us, got familiar with a hair transplant (FUE), had his surgery done in 2019.
Finally, 9 months later, his Results appeared amazingly wonderful and he felt happy about it. His forehead was covered with dense hair.


A week ago he contacted us again and requested to mention his story in our upcoming post.


Rajiv permitted us to write up his story but requested not to reveal his full name and face.



Rajiv is currently 29, But just a few years ago he was witnessing a serious hair fall that led to blank patches on his forehead and temple region.


His 27th Birthday became a nightmare when people thrashed him on his deteriorating condition without showing pity.


It’s the day Rajiv felt empty and for the first time realized embarrassment for his appearance.


The True story from Pune could be an enlightening hope to many.


Rajiv now looks way sharper than the 27 years old of himself after having a successful hair transplant from the Mumbai hair and shape clinic.


He is thankful to everyone who lured offsetting remarks making him realize the problem he should have addressed way early.
“I still remember that awful day in my life when I lost My Love and Job altogether”




After Sanjana(Not a real name), his lady love, who was working in the same company cornered him badly. She rejected the man’s proposal citing his visible patch had a bad impact and made his 27 birthday a mess.


Rajiv couldn’t take the rejection and left the job he was doing great in.


Holding back his senses, decided to correct things. Marked his final words “It took over my life and I thought: ‘Look, I’m going to get this fixed.’”


There are thousands of People like him awaiting their turn to get the best hair transplant.


In the last 6 years, things have changed drastically, hair transplant has become a more effective, convenient, and affordable treatment.


It’s been found that the number of hair transplant surgeries has experienced a rise as post-surgery results are astounding.


With ever-growing, up-and-coming technical and procedural advancements, Hair transplant surgeons are turning out to be the safest and reliable option for hair loss.


In India, 10 times more Hair transplant surgeries are being performed every year.
Qualified, well-read doctors performing more surgeries each day with robust technological aid.

Introduction Of The New Technique


After successful entry of Follicular unit extraction (FUE), the most in-demand hair transplant surgical procedure, Recent advancements in medical technology have introduced an upgraded version of FUE, Called NeoGraft.


NeoGraft is an advanced hair transplantation technique. It’s a semi-automated version of the Follicular unit extraction technique.


While in FUE, extraction of hair follicles was done manually, the NeoGraft technique offers a much more convenient way of performing the procedure.


The technique includes the usage of a wand to generate suction to remove hair follicles making the job easy and effective.


The surgeon does not make incisions for new hair follicles and instead, a special tool is used that does the job perfectly by making the incisions and implanting the follicles simultaneously.

Benefits of New Techniques.

Reduced Hair Follicle Damage
The NeoGraft system may reduce trauma and damage to hair follicles compared to traditional FUT surgeries. Trauma reduction can improve the survival rate of transplanted hairs.


Fewer Complications

NeoGraft is a minimally invasive technique. It may have a lower chance of surgical complication, especially compared to FUT surgery that involves cutting a strip of skin from your scalp.


NeoGraft helps remove human error due to its automation and that could cause damage to nerves or blood vessels. Also, No stitches or staples are made under NeoGraft. 

Quicker Than Earlier Used Procedures.

NeoGraft and FUE surgery are quicker than traditional techniques. NeoGraft usually takes between 4 and 10 hours.






Final Words: Let’s Wind

  • Men like Rajiv face harassment because of the way they appear and Hair Transplant is changing their life for the better.
  • Hair transplant has become more reliable than ever. With Up-and-Coming technology and procedures, surgeons are performing more error-free surgeries in a day.
  • The latest Techniques guarantee excellent results and reduce the risk of any side effects or errors.
  • People are becoming aware of easily available information through portals like Best Hair Help.
The lockdown may seem like a pause in life, BUT, many people have used this time as an opportunity to let grow their newly harvested grafts. They have booked their hair transplant and now resting at home; a real hygienic and safe place in the world.
Are you facing similar challenges just like Mr. Rajiv? Don’t wait to contact us for quick pre-visit guidance today!

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