Hair transplant in Kerala: is it safe?

Kerala undeniably is one of the safest places to avail of hair transplant. Have a read to find out why Kerala should be your choice for having a hair transplant.


Why choose Kerala for a hair transplant?

Kerala, God’s own country, is an Indian state with 600 km of Arabian Sea shoreline, well-aligned palm beaches, tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters, lush hill stations, exotic wildlife and a network of canals.

The state is home to rare species of wild animals, including tiger, elephant and langur monkeys.

Kerala is a haven for travellers looking to unwind in the salubrious climes, away from the concrete jungle. The place has a pleasing, amiable & charming atmosphere.


Pattern Baldness: A problem to many.

Male pattern baldness or alopecia is a common problem in nations worldwide.

However, recent studies concluded that approximately eighty-five per cent of Indian adult males would suffer from pattern baldness in years to come.

If that turns out true, a large group will look for hair transplant facilities and may end up visiting an unreliable clinic costing them permanent scalp damage.


Hair Free & Hair Grow: offering solution beyond the problem

Foresighting the future needs, Team Hair Free and Hair Grow decided to open their branch in cities across India.

In the process, they built a modern-day hair transplant clinic in Kochi, Kerala. The clinic is now running at its full capacity.


Best hair transplant in Kochi, kerala

Kochi is a beach-facing city in Kerala. The rich history and colourful elegance mixed with a relaxing ambience make Kochi a beautiful place to visit.

For this reason, Team Hair Free & Hair Grow chose the city for establishing its hair transplant clinic.


Are surgeons qualified to perform surgery?

You will be surprised to know that Team Hair Free & Hair Grow established its Kochi based hair transplant centre last year only. In this short duration, they have completed 500+ surgeries with a 100 percent success rate.

 The brand hires only experienced and well-read doctors proficient at performing hair transplant. You are covered under 100% assurity while going ahead with the brand.


What results can I expect?

100% quality results guaranteed!

HairFree & HairGrow is known for its Precise and accurate work.


The brand has always delivered; marvellous and astonishing artwork. Please find other stories where we have shared more results by hair-Free and Hair Grow.

I want to go with them: How to connect?

We can help you get in touch with them, Plus you can avail yourself of Cost-Free guidance over the phone. 

You may reach us at +91 7452920171 to inquire about the clinic and other details.

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