Hair Transplant in Bhubaneswar: Is it safe?

Implanting hair grafts to a barren scalp is an exhaustively demanding job.
Extreme preciseness combined with uncut vigilance is required to carry a hair transplant surgery successfully. 
Coming back to our question, Is Bhuvneshwar a right place to have a hair transplant? Are there any good clinics in the city?


The Answer is Simple and Easy. 
YES, Bhuvneshwar is now one of the safest havens for people planning to undergo a budget-friendly, quality-driven hair transplant.
Plus, the city has so much to offer; from “ancient” rich heritage to historic monumental temples, all extraordinary artwork tempts everyone to visit the place. 


Hair transplant in Bhubaneswar, Orissa: Clinic details.

Hair and Harmony clinicPraised for results; honored for its commitment. 
Bringing in the best surgical and medical solutions for cosmetic and aesthetic looks with hair transplantation, Hair and Harmony clinic initiated a life-transforming journey that brought smiles to many.
Best Hair clinic in Bhubaneswar: The clinic is one of the few hair transplant facilities offering assured results using FUE treatment.


(Results You Can Expect)



Why Should I Choose This Clinic? 

  • Online Consultation: Corona has left a bad influence on us all, restricting our social life. Bringing up the support, the brand offers an online consultation facility. Patients can book an online consultation at a prefered time and date. The facility allows them to consult with an authorized doctor at the comfort of their home.


  • Doctors Credibility:

    Best hair help is a trusted name where we talk about genuine people only. Every clinic and brand we discuss at Best Hair Help is verified by our experts. Therefore, it’s our surety that the doctors and staff at this clinic are professional and committed to good results.
  • Who’s The Doctor?

  • MBBS from Utkal University, DR.Shakti Raj Jammula is a renowned doctor and a member in “ASHRS”. His extensive experience in the field of hair transplantation, hair implants and other aesthetic surgeries, makes him a reliable sugeon for all such medical complications.
  • After serving for more than 18 years in the industry, Dr Shakti started a venture “Hair Harmony and You”. The doctor also co-owns a 60 bed hospital in Berhampur city (Orissa).


  • Feedback and Results:

    We believe in what we see. Here are some recent results that patients received from the clinic. Patients are happy with their results, and that is what matters at last.


  • Hair transplant cost:

    Budget-Friendly? Oh, did we mention the affordable pricing?
  • At Hair and Harmony clinic, you will be amazed to see the pocket-friendly cost figures. However, your baldness severity decides the actual cost. 





  • What about Post-surgery assistance

    The doctor will advise you of all precautions and measures to ensure maximum safety and healthy growth of the transplanted grafts. Yet, you can reach them through authorized mediums to clear the doubts that you may have.
  • Moreover, Best Hair Help always helps the patients in need. Connect with us at any time of the day through WhatsApp:+91 7452920171, and we’ll respond almost immediately. 
So are you up for a new journey? Call or Whatsapp us today and transform to your best version.


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