Regrow clinic is a name of assurity and relief to thousands of patients coming from the northern belt of India.


While Southern and Mid provinces in India have ultra-modern facilities that support the world’s best clinics there. The northern region has always flunked in offering better treatment due to the lack of modern-day clinics.


To bring a revolutionary change, a handful of intellect came together and lay the bedrock of Regrow Clinic: a clinic having state-of-the-art tools, machines, and well-read surgeons.


 It’s time to know the names behind making Regrow one of the best places for hair transplants in India.
Dr. G. K. Sharma: M.D. (Skin, Nail, Leprosy) Cosmetologist and Dermato- surgeon.



  • Dr. G. K. Sharma is a maestro at impaling grafts on the scalp. We have discussed him in many of our posts previously and confirm him as one of the prominent surgeons in India.
  • Doctor Sharma is a qualified and experienced surgeon having completed 2000 hair transplant surgeries till today.
  • Started his career as a junior consultant, and later joined Regrow clinic as a senior hair transplant expert.
  • After completing his MBBS, he chose to practice under a reputed institution and master the art of grafting. Later started his journey as a certified surgeon at renowned clinics in India.
  • He is often called at events and workshops to give a piece of advice to new and upcoming doctors and medical staff.


What can be assured by choosing him as a hair transplant surgeon?

  • Natural and unrecognizable hairlines.
  • Temple restoration with assorted grafts placement.
  • Up to 97% survival rate of grafts.
Dr. Ankur Singhal: Clinical Cosmetologist and Hair Transplant Expert.
Dr. Ankur is a modest man who doesn’t appreciate him in the limelight much.
He more often remains busy in surgical procedures and reading more about advancements in medical domains.


To support the efforts of Dr. Sharma, Dr. Ankur applies his all-in support to offers unmatchable service to visiting patients.


Dr. Ankur so far has successfully delivered assured results to more than 500 patients and advised more than 800 patients as a surgeon.


His expertise is beyond the comprehension of a common man and involves complicated procedures. Even then you won’t ever realize the strain on his face, and in fact, he lives a happy and calm life.


Talking to him is another great experience, as he is super polite and keeps digging the jokes at difficult moments to keep the morale up of patients and the team he works with.


Education and Work Experience:


He is an MBBS from a reputed college and currently serving as a hair transplant surgeon at Regrow clinic.


His work experience counts into 2 years of hard work and consistent results.


He keeps the vibe cool and lets patients feel comfortable. Dr. Ankur is one of the most proficient doctors at Regrow clinic.
Both these doctors are best at what they do. You can visit them without worrying about a thing. However, you can avail of our free over the phone pre-visit consultation at our WhatsApp number: +91 7452920171

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