Covid is becoming a tough virus to deal with. Governments are proposing isolation as the only key to curb the life-threatening enemy. 


It’s a really rough time and people are dealing with it differently.
While some have puffed with stress and anxiety, others have fine-tuned their personality to stay positive and healthy.


People are working on possibilities to improve their personality and using their free time to mould appearance. Ranging from fat to fit to build the bald, the trending topics have impacted the lives of many. 


A recent study found that the enquiries related to hair transplant procedures have increased by 30% in the past year.


Growing Impact of Hair Transplant


Are you trying to fix your baldness with home remedies that don’t actually work? Please don’t waste your time and money on unworthy procedures. 


Unlike other treatments hair transplant offers a life-changing groom most safely. The treatment assures your great results in a promising time.


Hair transplant has helped people re-shape their personality during the covid session.
What precautions should be taken to ensure a safe hair transplant? points below should answer all the questions you might have related to hair transplant and the attached covid risk.


International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) has directed points that should be followed to ensure a safe hair transplant.


Checking your health state

People over 60+ age or with pre-existing medical issues are more likely to get infected with covid. Thus, only go for a hair transplant, if you are below 60 and do not have any of the health-related problems. 
If you are over 60 and still want to have your hair transplant done, it’s better to get yourself vaccinated first and only then go for a hair transplant surgery after consulting with the doctor.
If you are confused about whether or not you should go for a hair transplant, look for a good surgeon or hair transplant expert and make an appointment with them.



Guard your safety

During this Covid Pandemic, you should follow all the government-mandatory guidelines like hand sanitizing, social distancing and wearing a mask. 


If you are going for surgery at that time also, wearing a mask is important. Make sure to maintain a distance from patients in the waiting area, sanitizing or washing your hands properly.


Choose a clinic that is following strict Covid guidelines

Looking for a clinic for hair transplant surgery?  make sure that they are following strict rules. Here are some while choosing a clinic, see below:


  • Ensure the clinic is following social distancing rules even at the time of consultation or In the waiting area.
  • Watch out for the sanitization and sterilising process.
  • Make sure the surgeon is conducting that surgery by themselves or is performed under their guidance.
  • Watch out if the staff follows Covid-related protocol for surgeries properly.



Travelling for the surgery

If travelling over cities for the surgery, make sure to wear a mask, keep a sanitiser with you, maintain a six-foot distance from people, and check out if there is any sign of sickness. While going through flight, follow all airport important rules like check-ins. Do inform your clinic about your travel plans.
All these measures will keep you safe and let you not enter any halt to your smooth going hair transplant surgery.


If you feel sceptical about having hair transplant surgery during covid, you should talk to our expert! +91 7452920171


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