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We are back again with another review of Hairfree and Hairgrow clinic.  The brand is prominent in the Indian hair transplant industry and has completed more than 4000 surgeries.

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In the article, we will be reviewing the hair transplant clinic in Indore named as HAIR FREE HAIR GROW INDORE.

 About The Clinic

The clinic is one of few offering World’s Most Advanced Feather Touch Hair Transplant.

They have completed the hair transplant of hundreds of patients to this date, including patients from around the world. The sole motto of the clinic is to beat all hair related problems so they could provide the best relief to their patients.

Before we proceed, let’s discuss the parameters we will apply to the clinic to judge its reliability:-

  • Qualification
  • Experience
  • Infrastructure
  • Results
  • Experience

Dr. Abhishek Malviya(MBBS, MD)

Dr Abhishek Malviya is a true marvel. He has some real skills in performing hair restoration with ease. He received his HAIR TRANSPLANT Training under expert surgeons at Hairfree Hairgrow clinic- counted among India’s most renowned hair transplant centres. He has been performing Hair Transplant for the last six years and has given 100% results all the time. 



2-Experience of the technical staff performing the hair restoration Important Fact

I always focus on telling one thing; there is not even a single hair transplant clinic in the world where the whole hair transplant surgery is performed only by a hair transplant surgeon. It merely means that hair transplant is a procedure in which there are some parts of the hair transplant surgery that are performed by some specific staff.

*Hairline making – Main Surgeon

*Extraction of the grafts from the donor area – Main Surgeon

*Making of slits – Main Surgeon

*Sorting of Grafts – Technicians

*Implantation Of Grafts – Technicians or Surgeons

But one thing is mandatory; the whole surgery should be performed under the supervision of the leading hair transplant surgeon of the hair transplant clinic.

Staff other than the main surgeon plays a crucial role in making the transplant effective and successful. Nurses at the clinic specialise in hair transplantation and have a similar level of experience and expertise in hair transplantation as the doctors they perform with.

The infrastructure of the Clinic


Hairfree Hairgrow Clinic is one of the most renowned hair restoration & hair transplant clinic in Indore. Hairfree Hairgrow clinic has been offering quality solutions with unmatched Infrastructure for hair Transplant Surgery. Hairfree Hairgrow Clinic in Indore is well equipped with advanced and modern facilities that provide patients with maximum comfort and soothe. The clinic is spacious with worldly facilities enabling the staff to offer uninterrupted surgical treatments to the patients. 


Quality of hair transplant results already delivered


The images above speak for themselves. It can be clearly seen how well the results have been achieved.

Experience of the patients.


The experiences of the patients who have got their treatment done from Hairfree Hairgrow clinic are wonderful. Many of our visitors got their surgery done from this clinic successfully and their results are amazing.  

We hope you would have liked the review and are ready for a confident hair transplant session.

Wish to know more about hair transplant and clinic results? Keep visiting our website for more awesome genuine reviews.

Thank you!

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