Eugenix is an acclaimed name in the international arena of medical science. Doctors at Eugenix are among the top 10 hair transplant surgeons in the world. With its world-class infrastructure, dominating surgical technologies and prodigious experience, the brand leads the way effortlessly.

Hi, I am Prabhat Nawani(Hair Transplant educator on Youtube), I have had a hair transplant 2 years ago and the results are evidently great(please check here).

While founding the online guidance portal – Best-Hair-Help, My team and I surveyed over 300+ hair transplant clinics, converse about best hair care tips, tricks & procedures with 800+ doctors and guided 2300+ patients regarding their hair restoration needs and unclouded different aspects of hair transplant.

Let’s continue with Eugenix clinic review –

Eugenix claims to be the first clinic to introduce the new technique for hair transplant called “DHI or Direct-Hair- Transplant” in India. Doctors state that results delivered using this method are better than any other procedure. 

Doctors are confident about the results DHI technique offersThe technique is an advanced version of the FUE technique that promises the highest graft survival rate while ensuring the maximum comfort of the patient. Method interest all for its great results disposing of capacity without causing a visible scar. You receive a natural-looking hairline with nearly 100% graft survival.

Technical bite – DHI procedure allows the grafts to return to their own environment faster without damage and desiccation, Thereby, increasing the graft survival rate.

Experienced Masters 

Providing countless services in the field of  “hair transplant” they are a maestro at correcting all abnormalities including Body hair transplant, Moustache & Beard hair reconstruction, Eyebrow Reconstruction, etc.

In-house Stay – The only clinic to provide a homely feel with their adorning and fully furnished resting rooms at no extra cost.

They serve professionals – Elite members of the corporate world, Superstars and celebrities from all domains have had their hair transplant surgery from Eugenix. Well-known names including Satyadeep Mishra, Anoop Jalota, Harsha Bhogle, Satish Menon and many more recommend the clinic after receiving best hair restoration results.


Let’s explore more details 

Below listed, are parameters to evaluate the clinic’s reliability:

1-Qualification of the senior doctor.

2-Experience of the technicians performing the hair restoration.

3-The foundation of the clinic.

4- Quality of results.

5- Post-surgery follow-ups.

6- Feedback of the patients. 


Time to explore the clinic details –

Eugenix, Delhi

Name: Eugenix

City:    Delhi

State:  Delhi

Cost:   90-210rs per graft

Eugenix is a dedicated hair loss correction centre running under the supervision of two experienced surgeons – Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal. Rendering global grade hair transplant service to celebrities and business tycoons have brought the brand a constructive public recognition.

Having performed more than 4000+successful surgeries including grade 6/7 baldness correction evince the professionalism they follow to favor patients hair restoration needs.

A Gigantic Team – With 900+ proficient doctors on their side, Eugenix is a flag bearer unquestionably.

Number of Grafts So Far – More than 12500000 grafts implanted with a 100% success ratio. Wow, that’s impressive work there.

Patient Friendly Approach – Following a virtuous and professional standard, the patients are addressed with respect and sincerity at the clinic. Staff’s healthy interaction promotes fellow feelings with their patients. A warmth and affable mood is prepared by the clinic crew for highest client satisfaction.

Services they offer – They have created a unique setup and process for individual needs and expectations. From treating the Male pattern baldness to Female pattern baldness to African’s hair restoration needs, they serve every arrangement.

Still, wondering why you should get yourself treated from Eugenix?

Making things clearer- Let’s talk about their results, experience and qualification of the Prime Surgeons.

Qualification of the main Surgeons of the clinics


Senior Hair Transplant Surgeon at Eugenix

Dr Pradeep Sethi is as professional as he appears. Having more than 10years experience in hair restoration and Dermatology, Dr Sethi is observed among top hair transplant surgeons in India and his tremendous job in hair loss treatment earned him prestigious awards and applause. 

Qualification Of Dr Sethi –  Dr Pradeep is an alumnus of AIIMS(NEW DELHI) and an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (USA) and other august national and international organisations.

Awards and Recognition – Dr Sethi is bestowed with numerous prestigious awards including “Pride of Odisha” Award at “Sri Jagannath International Festival” in 2017. He is frequently invited at several medical talks, prominent medical institutes, and global conferences to share his words on hair transplant procedures and upcoming developments.

The Man Behind DHI – Introducing the new technique of hair transplant DHI(Direct-Hair-Transplant) in India, Dr Sethi pioneered a substantial change in hair loss treatment procedures. The doctor keeps himself busy at finding new ways of making hair treatments more secure and feasible.

He is counted among the top 10 hair restoration Surgeons in the country and has conducted 2500+ surgeries successfully. Dr Pradeep is an expert at providing the best solution for male pattern baldness, female hair transplantation, density creation and hairline design.


Dr Arika Bansal Gold Medalist MD (New Delhi) 

Diplomate of ABHRS(USA) 

Senior Hair Transplant Surgeon at Eugenix-

Other than being a fabulous person and a great mentor, Dr Arika Bansal is a prominent surgeon at Eugenix. Making her way to the top leading surgeons of the country, the lady doctor has performed 2500+ successful surgeries until today.

Qualification – Dr Arika is a gold medalist from Lady Hardinge Medical College. After clinching her seat at AIIMS, she pursued a medical career and completed her MD from the institute itself. Also, She wrapped her extensive training in aesthetic procedure, laser and hair restoration later from noted medical associations. 

Awards and Recognition – She has been awarded as Diplomate of ABHRS(an award bestowed to eminent Dermatologists in India). After her extensive research in the field of hair transplantation, Dr Bansal was invited as a faculty of ISHRS Annual Conference at Chicago in 2015.

Experience of the Technicians performing the hair restoration 

Hair Transplant isn’t any easy job. It’s a tough row to hoe. Calm posture and firm hands is required to make the surgery successful. 

Technicians here are highly skilled in performing the surgeries. They ensure the safety of the Patients throughout the process and perform the surgeries in a structured way. These surgeries are performed strictly under the direction of a prime Surgeon. Staff is well-trained to comfort the patients and provides the highest level of care possible throughout the surgical process.

The Infrastructure of the clinic


The psyche-relieving aura at the Eugenix is just out of the world. Enthralling Luxury at the clinic bewitches the visitors and intrigues them to explore the facility even more.

Eugenix – A Place to Eulogize – The persuasive ambience is fueled with modern architectural frames & designs, sculptures & paintings offering a premium look to the entire place. 

The luxuries fumes don’t end here, Beautiful luminous multi-range lighting at walls fits every benchmark heaven on earth subsumes. To make things extraordinary, theme-based rooms make the clinic an even more happening place.

Operating Area – Neat surgical rooms are gloved with the latest tech and machinery. Tools used for surgical procedure qualifies the international standards and fully satisfy their purpose. 

Their clients have confirmed the tools’ high-grade quality while sharing personal feedback with us. Every visiting patient eagerly awaits their turn to feel the bit of the new technology.

Waiting Area – The place excites you much. Extensive, dynamic and luxurious waiting area dispose of a relaxing environment for Patients waiting for their turn.

Eugenix delivers the best hair transplant in India, Really?

90% and above graft survival is considered to be a good hair transplant. Most clinics in India deliver 92% grafts survival assurity.

Quality of hair transplant results already delivered

Eugenix team has summed 7000+ successful hair transplants since the brand’s inception. The surgeons ensure a 95% survival ratio of the graft implanted, producing natural-looking hairlines matching your facial features. Patients availing their service hails from different zones, cultures, domains and demand customised results. Drone your eyes on these coupled before-after images. Aren’t the results pleasing, judge for yourself?

Post-surgery follow-ups – Care the patient

As mentioned earlier, they are meek to their patients’ needs. 

Staff believe in “Serve Them Best” and offer the best care available on that account. 

Patients are informed and advised about the post-surgery prevention and the improvement is looked over through videos and fresh photographs to ensure best results. 

Following a professional protocol, They always remain in touch with their Patients and keep guiding them about the care and precautions.

Experience of the patients – 

When a virtuous celebrity recommends a clinic for their results, it becomes an ineffaceable statement. This clinic has many satisfied patients including “ikon” from different platforms who have shared positive reviews post their fruitful results.

Furthermore, Patients across India contacted us personally and shared their results and experience. All agreed that Eugenix offers the best hair transplant results in the Industry.

(Please Note – all these people could afford the price Eugenix charge for its services)

Cost of hair transplant in Delhi 

If the budget doesn’t haunt your pocket, then Eugenix should be the place you should look on to for your hair restoration needs. However, the total cost depends upon your graft requirement. At Eugenix, they charge you around 90-210rs* per graft.

Best hair transplant in Delhi

Want a spectacular hairline that gels with your facial anatomy? Visit Eugenix and stun yourself with some staggering results that will astound your sense.

You will be amazed to see your new look after full results are achieved. Yes, we have received their client’s results and those were unquestionably great. 


Worked up for hairline needs?

Worried about your receding hairline and want an expert to intervene. Eugenix will surely stand the test of your waters. As far as we have analysed the brand, it genuinely delivers great results as it states. There is a long list of captured faces and other elites who have gained from the clinic with their fault correction. Backing up the fact about mastered artistry performed at the clinic, several patients contacted us voluntarily and shared their positive results and feedback which reveals the brand’ stringent endeavours.

Concluding the statement

A reputed clinic in any domain offers treatment that cures patients’ illness for good and all.

Eugenix, being a noted hair transplant centre has earned merit in the good books of its clients and bagged prestigious titles at many international forums after delivering a permanent treatment to major hair loss problems.

Patient’s Response – By far Eugenix has worthed the trust its patients entrusted it to. Patients whoop a positive response, flashing their satisfaction after realizing the desired results. 

Doctor’s skillset – A clinician should carry experience bound adroitness. As detailed above, Eugenix has well-qualified and research-backed doctors who have undergone the toughest surgical affairs and yet disposed of 4000+ quality results combined.

A research-oriented facility – After their claimed technique “DHI” revolutionised the hair transplant industry, Eugenix attained prestigious fame and applaudable worth around the world. They are not stopping here. Dr Sethi here, keep analysing factors and nascent techniques that will improve result quality in the coming years.

Served a Noble Cause – In 2019, Eugnix extended social succour to the wretched beings. Making a moral mark in their good themes, they offered free hair transplant to disfigured acid attack fire burns victims.

Our comment

There are 100+ viable hair transplant clinics in India that deliver competent results.

But Eugenix, though offers pricy solutions, delivers one the world best hair transplant results in the Indian Hair treatment industry.

Hi Readers, We take serious measures to ensure the genuinity of the facts offered here. We work hard round-the-clock to assess the accurate data for your people. 

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