Hair Mate: India’s best hair transplant Clinic.

Are you Suffering from a pressing hair fall? Do you have significantly visible patches?
And your scalp density has fallen to a new low?


Dear reader, It might be Alopecia (pattern baldness). And it will intensify as you age.


“Can’t it be treated?” you ask?


Certainly, with ever-evolving technologies and adept surgeons, treating Alopecia is possible; and with assured results.


Today, through this article, we’ll introduce you to India’s best hair transplant clinic, known for its aesthetic surgical work.



But, Before we start, Here is a questionnaire for you; Please answer with a YES or NO.


  • Do you need help with your hair fall?   


  • Are you in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, but your baldness makes you appear much older?


  • Are you too busy to evaluate a hair transplant clinic on your own, or can’t find a better one?


  • Do you need more clarity concerning a hair transplant?


Did you nod YES to all these questions? Worry not, we are here to help!


Let India’s best hair transplant consultants assist you.
Hi Hyderabadi people, we are Best Hair Help”, and we are proud to disclose a world-class hair transplant clinic in your city.


Introducing Hair Mate  – A modern-day hair transplant facility in Hyderabad.  


Hair Mate strongly stands as India’s best hair transplant clinic with unparalleled accomplishments.


Since the beginning of its operation in 2018, Hair Mate has had several Incredible moments and achievements. 


So far, with a 100% success ratio and stable, successful hair transplant sessions, the Clinic has helped 16000 + patients find their best version back.
At Hair Mate, hair transplant is performed in hygienic, sanitised, and sterilised environments under Highly trained practitioners offering experienced supervision.


Under the leadership of Vijay Kumar, a team of adept doctors is practising to the best of their ability to deliver exceptionally satisfying results with almost zero side effects. 

Uncunning results, Unpallerlesred satisfaction, cutting-edge perfection. 
With Hair Mate, you can gain exceptional hair transplant results in India at affordable rates in a comfortable atmosphere. The centre offers all Hair & Skin treatments with sterling facilities under one roof.            


With the latest techniques and machinery, they can grant you results; only a few can.
The Clinic’s Avant-Garde Technologies and adept doctors assure the best treatment for all Hair and Skin related problems.


The hair transplant centre also has an FDA-approved diode laser machine that offers a precise working establishment to the surgeons, ultimately resulting in excellent results.


Hair Mate Clinic is powered by –
  • Highly-qualified doctors who personally conduct the procedure and are experts in all hair transplant techniques.


  • The Clinic follows strict protocols in safety and hygiene that ensure the patient’s best protection.


  • The staff are courteous and greet the patient well.


  • Their skilled staff and technicians make the procedure easy to deal with. 


  • With state-of-the-art technology, they can perform painless hair transplants. And patients don’t feel any pain or sleepless nights.


  • Hair transplants are affordable, and they provide EMI options for low-income group individuals.


  • The hair transplant success rate at Hair Mate is towering. It’s an assurity that a patient will receive natural-looking results with high coverage.


Who is the Primary Doctor at Hair Mate Hyderabad

Doctor Vijay Kumar Lingapuram (Senior Doctor)


Vijay Kumar Is an experienced surgeon with 6+ years of practice. He completed PGDMC (post-graduation in medical cosmetology) in 2013 from Apollo Hospitals, jubilee hills (Medvarsity online ltd, Germany), where he got training on Various lasers, Mesotherapy, Botox, Fillers, and other cosmetic practices.


The doctor is a skilled Trichologist with 8+ years of expertise in the most advanced hair transplant techniques. Furthermore, he is known to transplant maximum hair grafts in a single session, making him one of India’s best surgeons for hair transplants.


Work Experience:
He worked as a consultant at Niramaya skin clinic for 4 years.


He also worked as a senior resident in a renowned dermatology department from 2012 to 13. 


He was a consultant in Globallogic PVT ltd for google for about one year on Artificial intelligence in dermatology.


Vijay Kumar has a powerful team for extra support. He is backed by a team of highly trained and experienced doctors and technicians.


Efficient Team of Doctors  
At Hair Mate, a team of highly qualified and experienced hair transplant doctors efficiently performs hair transplant treatment with proper care and safety.


The staff has expertise in handling the all-new equipment used in Hair Transplant and Cosmetic techniques.


Plus, their Innovative hair transplant techniques have given guaranteed results in a comparatively shorter period.


Experience of the Technicians performing the hair restoration 
Hair Transplant isn’t an easy job. It’s a tough row to hoe. Calm posture and firm hands are required to make the surgery successful.
Technicians at Hair Mate are highly skilled in performing surgeries. They ensure the safety of the Patients throughout the process and perform the surgeries in a structured way. These surgeries are performed strictly under the direction of a prime Surgeon.


The staff is well-trained to comfort the patients and provide the highest care possible throughout the surgical process.

Hair Mate: The ambience?
The psyche-relieving aura at the Hair Mate is just out of the world. Enthralling Luxury at the Clinic bewitches the visitors and intrigues them to explore the facility.


The persuasive ambience is fueled with modern architectural frames & designs, sculptures & paintings, offering a premium look to the entire place. 


The luxurious fumes don’t end here; beautiful luminous multi-range lighting on walls fits every benchmark heaven on earth subsumes. The extraordinary ambience at Clinic is a happening place to be in.


Operating Area: Neat surgical rooms are gloved with the latest tech and machinery. Tools used for surgical procedure qualifies the international standards and fully satisfy their purpose. 

Their clients have confirmed high-grade quality tools while sharing personal feedback with us. Every visiting patient eagerly awaits their turn to feel the bit of the new technology.


Waiting Area: The place excites you much. Extensive, dynamic, and luxurious waiting areas dispose of a relaxing environment for Patients waiting for their turn.


Hair Mate delivers the best hair transplant in India, Really?
90% and above graft survival is considered a good hair transplant. Most clinics in India deliver 92% of graft survival assurity.

Quality of hair transplant results already delivered.
The Hair Mate team has summed 16000+ successful hair transplants since the brand’s inception. The surgeons ensure a 95% survival ratio of the graft implanted, producing natural-looking hairlines matching your facial features. Patients availing of their service hail from different zones, cultures, and domains and demand customised results. Drone your eyes on these coupled before-after images. Aren’t the results pleasing? Judge for yourself?


Post-surgery follow-ups – Care for the patient
As mentioned earlier, they are meek to their patients’ needs. 
Staff believes in “Serve Them Best” and offers the best care available on that account. 


Patients are informed and advised about post-surgery prevention, and the improvement is looked over through videos and fresh photographs to ensure the best results. 


Following a professional protocol, They always remain in touch with their patients and guide them about the care and precautions.


Experience of the patients – 
Patients across India contacted us personally and shared their results and experience. All agreed that Hair Mate offers the best hair transplant results in the Industry.


Cost of hair transplant in Hyderabad
If you can manage a decent budget, then Hair Mate should be the place you should look on to for your hair restoration needs. However, the total cost depends upon your graft requirement. At Hair Mate, they charge you around 20-60Rs* per graft.


Worked up for hairline needs?
Worried about your receding hairline and want an expert to intervene. Hair Mate will surely stand the test of your waters. As far as we have analysed the brand, it genuinely delivers great results, as it states. 


There is a long list of patients who got their fault corrected from the Clinic. Backing up the fact about mastered artistry performed at the Clinic, several patients voluntarily contacted us and shared their positive results and feedback, revealing the brand’s stringent endeavours.


Best hair transplant in Hyderabad
Want a spectacular hairline that gels with your facial anatomy? Visit Hair Mate and stun yourself with some staggering results that will astound your senses.


You will be amazed to see your new look after full results are achieved. Unquestionably great results. 
Common doubts regarding a hair transplant 


Will my transplantation results look natural?
Yes, your transplanted hair will look 100% natural. No one could tell if you have ever undergone a hair transplant surgery, 


You can confidently trust Hair Mate, the most reliable hair clinic in Hyderabad, for your hair transplant job.


How long does the hair take to grow after the Transplant?


Post your hair transplant; the implanted hair will start shedding out within the first week.


Subsequently, transplanted hair follicles will enter into “sleep mode,” where they do not produce hair for a brief period.


  • 3 to 4 months post hair transplant: You will witness approx. 10 to 20% of hair growth.


  • In the Next 6 months: Around 50% of hair growth can be seen.


  • In 8 to 9 months, patients witness 80% of hair growth.


  • And in 9 to 12 months, to a full-grown crown can be achieved.


How many sessions are required for a hair transplant procedure?


A hair transplant requires perfection and accuracy in the placement of the grafts. So there is a limit to how many grafts are placed in a session to ensure surgical accuracy and patient’s health.


One sitting takes around 7 to 8 hours. The transplant team can transplant 2500 hair grafts at most in a session. Depending on the factors mentioned above, they can sometimes go to 3000 hair grafts again.


The surgeon will take up to 2 to 3 sessions if you require more than 3000 grafts.


What is the cost of a hair transplant in “Hair Mate”?


To begin with, the cost per hair graft is between ₹25 to ₹60 at the Hair Mate clinic. However, Various other factors determine the overall cost at the Hair Mate, such as
  • Method of Hair Transplant


  • Number of Grafts


  • The expertise & experience of the surgeon


  • The extent of baldness area


They offer zero-cost EMI facilities for patients who can’t afford the fee in one go.


It would be best to discuss suggestions regarding cost, treatment duration, and the recovery period with the Clinic itself.


Let’s Put It All Together.
Hair Mate delivers world-class hair transplant results.


Hair Mate is a comprehensive hair transplant facility offering world-class solutions for skin and hair-related problems.


The Clinic is powered by highly constructive, well-read, skilled, experienced doctors and top-notch technologies accruing great hair transplant results.
Still have doubts? Fill out the form on the home page, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Hair Transplant Experts From Regrow Clinic

Regrow clinic is a name of assurity and relief to thousands of patients coming from the northern belt of India.


While Southern and Mid provinces in India have ultra-modern facilities that support the world’s best clinics there. The northern region has always flunked in offering better treatment due to the lack of modern-day clinics.


To bring a revolutionary change, a handful of intellect came together and lay the bedrock of Regrow Clinic: a clinic having state-of-the-art tools, machines, and well-read surgeons.


 It’s time to know the names behind making Regrow one of the best places for hair transplants in India.
Dr. G. K. Sharma: M.D. (Skin, Nail, Leprosy) Cosmetologist and Dermato- surgeon.



  • Dr. G. K. Sharma is a maestro at impaling grafts on the scalp. We have discussed him in many of our posts previously and confirm him as one of the prominent surgeons in India.
  • Doctor Sharma is a qualified and experienced surgeon having completed 2000 hair transplant surgeries till today.
  • Started his career as a junior consultant, and later joined Regrow clinic as a senior hair transplant expert.
  • After completing his MBBS, he chose to practice under a reputed institution and master the art of grafting. Later started his journey as a certified surgeon at renowned clinics in India.
  • He is often called at events and workshops to give a piece of advice to new and upcoming doctors and medical staff.


What can be assured by choosing him as a hair transplant surgeon?

  • Natural and unrecognizable hairlines.
  • Temple restoration with assorted grafts placement.
  • Up to 97% survival rate of grafts.
Dr. Ankur Singhal: Clinical Cosmetologist and Hair Transplant Expert.
Dr. Ankur is a modest man who doesn’t appreciate him in the limelight much.
He more often remains busy in surgical procedures and reading more about advancements in medical domains.


To support the efforts of Dr. Sharma, Dr. Ankur applies his all-in support to offers unmatchable service to visiting patients.


Dr. Ankur so far has successfully delivered assured results to more than 500 patients and advised more than 800 patients as a surgeon.


His expertise is beyond the comprehension of a common man and involves complicated procedures. Even then you won’t ever realize the strain on his face, and in fact, he lives a happy and calm life.


Talking to him is another great experience, as he is super polite and keeps digging the jokes at difficult moments to keep the morale up of patients and the team he works with.


Education and Work Experience:


He is an MBBS from a reputed college and currently serving as a hair transplant surgeon at Regrow clinic.


His work experience counts into 2 years of hard work and consistent results.


He keeps the vibe cool and lets patients feel comfortable. Dr. Ankur is one of the most proficient doctors at Regrow clinic.
Both these doctors are best at what they do. You can visit them without worrying about a thing. However, you can avail of our free over the phone pre-visit consultation at our WhatsApp number: +91 7452920171


Are you planning for a hair transplant? Looking for a reliable source that tells about the Doctor’s experience and their qualification before you make your final move? 


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“The Hair and Shape Clinic” in Mumbai is another example of marvellous aesthetical procedures.


Having completed 5000+ hair transplant surgeries; they have all the experience in the world to carry
the job with perfection.


Let’s get to know the two best hair transplant surgeons working at The Hair and Shape Clinic.


Dr Umang Kothari
MBBS, M.S(Gen. Surgery), DNB(Plastic Surgery)



Dr Umang is a Co-Founder And Associate Director at The Hair And Shape Clinic.


He is a well-read Plastic Surgeon. Dr Umang holds a good 6 years of experience in the field of Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery.


Education and Previous Work
  • Completed his MBBS degree from Grant Medical College, Mumbai in 2010 and further pursued Masters in General Surgery (MS General Surgery) in 2013 from Baroda Medical College and SSG University Baroda, Gujarat. 
  • Later went on upgrading his surgical skills and completed Super Speciality Diplomate of National Board (D.N.B) in Plastic Surgery from Medanta, Medicity in Gurgaon.
  • Dr Umang is associated as a Visiting Consultant with Reliance Hospital, Koparkhairane, Namaha HealthCare, Cloud Nine Hospital, Vivanta hospital and other nursing homes in the Northern suburbs of Mumbai.
  • He is a pioneer in Peritoneal Pull through Vaginoplasty as Gender Confirmation Surgery for Gender Identification disorder.
  • More of his good work includes working as a Key Operating Leader for Israel based Forma-TK Company representing India from October 2018 to June 2019 for Laser training and teaching of fellow Plastic surgeons and dermatologists.


Entrepreneurial Add-on: Dr Umang is also a founder of a lifestyle modification Family Health clinic in Malad, Mumbai.


  • He is a founder member of AAPS (Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) for Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.
  • Organising Coordinator for AESURG 2019 and on the organising committee for Masterclasses in Aesthetics in Nair Hospital.
  • Dr Umang Kothari is associated as a visiting surgeon with few trust and government hospitals like Hitvardhak hospital, Shatabdi government hospital and conducts surgeries at no costs as a social contribution towards the society.


Dr Pranil
M.D. Physician(UKR), F.A.M.



Dr Pranil is the Co-Founder And Associate Director of “The Hair And Shape” Clinic.


  • With vast experience of 6 bold years, his surgical precision has resulted in “skill beyond boundaries.”
  • His surgical count crossed the 1000 mark last year only.
  • Dr More pursued his medical degree “M.D Physician” from Lugansk State Medical University in Ukraine. Later opted for FAM (Fellowship of Aesthetic Medicine) from Apollo Hospital. 
  • Before joining Hair and Shape, He was working at Sir J.J. Hospital and Jaslok Hospitals in Mumbai. His work has brought him many recognitions and appreciation. It’s his kind heart and good intentions that made him decide to serve the people in the problem and return to India with the knowledge that could change the lives of many.




They both are mature and talented hair transplant surgeons having merits any patient would wish for. 


We can firmly declare that choosing them for hair transplant surgery is a wise decision at any point.


Need more clarification before you make the move? That’s where the Best Hair Help acts as a bridge. Contact us and ease your doubts in minutes. Whatsapp us +91 7452920171

Hair-Free & Hair-Grow: Home to Worlds’s Best Hair Transplant Surgeons.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in India.


Team Hair-Free and Hair-Grow have always known for their outstanding work and achievements.


We keep talking about their astounding work, performance, ethics, And How they deliver quality results to patients around the globe. 


BUT, It was always a puzzle as to who is behind all the great work? Who are those unseen men delivering the most qualified results ever?


So, We decided to unwrap the good secret. This post is dedicated to all the heroes behind making Hair-free & Hair-grow a world-renowned brand.


Now, Without further ado, Let’s get to know some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world.

Dr Chintan Bhavsar -MD Skin – V.D.



  • With a remarkable record of performing 2000 successful hair transplant surgeries, Dr Chintan is surely a man of skill.
  • One of the world’s renowned surgeon, Dr Chinan is a Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon with extraordinary artistic skills at Hair-free & Hair-grow
  • His curiosity to discover more about medical procedures reveals his passion for serving mankind better in medicative support.


Dr Chintan has a profound interest in :
  1. Trichology
  2. Hair transplant
  3. Dermatosurgery
  4. Cosmetic procedures
A little about his historical and appreciable work
  • Mr Chintan is an M.B.B.S. from Gandhi medical college, Bhopal and later pursued M.D. (Skin & V.D.) from Medical College Baroda.
  • Pedalled his journey at Radiant skin & laser clinic in surat as a Consultant dermatologist.
  • After years of hard work and dedication, he made a shift to join Hair-free & Hair-Grow clinic as a Chief Hair transplant surgeon, Currently, he is in charge of two branches at Surat & Mumbai.
  • He is an active member of the Indian Association of Dermatologist, Venereologist & leprologist and the Indian medical association.

Dr Kiran Chotaliya – M.D. (Skin & V.D.)



Having directed 1500+ Hair transplant Surgeries with a 100 success rate, He is known for perfection at work.
Dr Kiran is an M.B.B.S. and M.D. (Skin & V.D.) from reputed Medical college, Baroda.
Achievements and previous work:
  • Dr Kiran has remained a Consultant dermatologist at the Y.C.M. hospital in Pimpri Chinchwad for 1 year.
  • Currently serving as Chief Hair transplant surgeon at Hairfree & Hairgrow Clinic, Pune. 
  • Also acting as a Consultant Dermatologist at Revive skin clinic, Pune since 2015
Dr Kiran is an active Member of:
1. Indian association of Dermatologist, Veneriologist & leprologist
2. Indian medical association
3. Association of cutaneous surgeon of India
4. Sangvi pimple gurav Doctors association

Dr Sri Devi Lakhe: M.B.B.S & DDV



The lady surgeon is a Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon.
Among other well-read doctors, Sri Devi has performed a ton of hair transplant surgeries without commenting an error ever. Her perfection is highly engaging, and her mates call her a future machine as she always delivers precise work.
Dr Devi accumulates Special interests in :
  1. Pediatric dermatology
  2. Hair transplant
  3. Cosmetic procedures
  4. Dermatosurgery
  • Other than serving at Hair-free and Hair Grow clinic, she is also acting as a Consultant Dermatologist at Dr Lakhe’s Medi-skin clinic at Kharadi, Pune.
  • Dr Lakhe is an active member of the Indian Association of Dermatologist, Venereologist and Leprologists. And Indian Medical Association.
Dr Nitin Maske: MBBS, DVD Dermatologist And Hair Transplant Surgeon



Work and Background
  • Took his Training for Hair Transplant at ARHT Global, Pune.
  • Remained Consultant Dermatologist for 2 years at Chirayu Medical College & Hospital.
  • Currently offering his service as Hair Transplant Surgeon at Hairfree & Hairgrow Clinic Bhopal Center.
  • Dr Nitin has an extra charge as Consultant Dermatologist at Prisha Skin & Hair Clinic Bhopal.
The doctor is also a Registered Member at –
  1. Indian Association of Dermatologist,Venereologist & Leprologist 
  2. Indian Medical Association
  3. Medical Council Of India. 
  4. Madhya Pradesh Medical Council. 
  5. Bhopal Dermatology Society.
Workshop and Training attended by him:
  1. Scientific Program on Pharmacovigilance, GMC Bambolim, Goa in Dec 2011.
  2. Hair Restoration current perspective, Bambolim, Goa, in July 2012.
  3. Management of pruritus and new peptides in management of ageing Panji, Goa, Oct 2012.
  4. CUTICON Amritsar (Aug)2014, (Bhopal)2017.
  5. Pigmentarycon Indore.
Dr Santpal Sangwan: M.D. Skin – V.D, Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon.



Expert at performing hair transplant, Dr Santpal recently completed his 1000th hair transplant surgery. 


He is a happy singing man; keeps the vibe cool and lets patients feel comfortable.


Dr Santpal is one of the most proficient doctors at Hair-free & Hair-grow.
Education and Work Experience:
  • Did his M.B.B.S. from Rajendra Prasad Govt. Medical College in Kangra and  M.D.( Skin & VD) Govt. Medical College in Patiala.
  • Took specialised hair transplant Training from Active Roots, Pune
  •  Remained Consultant Dermatologist in Aakash Hospital Malviya Nagar and Sarojini Multispeciality Hospital for 1.5 years.
  • Currently serving as a Consultant Hair transplant Surgeon at Hair free and Hairgrow Gurgaon. Also as Consultant Dermatologist at Dermaglow skin Clinic since 2017.
International workshop and training he attended:
  1. International Congress of Dermatology 2013
  2. Various CMEs on Trichology and Hair transplant
  3. Cuticon North 2014, 2015, 2016
  4. Acsicon 2016, 2018,2019
  5. DAAS summit 2018,2019
  6. Aestheticon 2018,2019
  7. IADVL Aiims Dermatology 2015
  8. NAMS- PGI SYMPOSIUM ON Male reproductive health 2015
  9. Dermatopathology Workshop & Dermatology CMe 2015
  10. Derma Summit Update 2019
  11. Dermacon 2019


They are the heroes behind your life-changing journey. Feel assured in choosing them as your hair transplant surgeon.


if at any point, you feel some obscurity in making your final decision; Best-Hair-Help is always there to help. WhatsApp us: +91 7452920171 and become assured.