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Come Watch a Dream Come True in Surat

Some stories are just heart touching and people associated with it come out as real heroes.

Hi, this is Prabhat Nawani (your trusted educator on YouTube), and today, I bring you the life-changing experience of Mr Kausik.

Have you ever felt the loneliness of social rejection because of the way you appear? Let me take you to the events that changed Mr Kaushik’s fate for good.


Recently turned 32, Mr Kaushik was living an average life and had to catch up with a monotonous job to feed his family. Kaushik had dreams beyond his small village in Surat. He wanted to become a model, with good height and body type it was an all set situation, but the only problem was his extensive hair loss and the unfolding baldness ruining the entire personality.

Following many rejections and gloomy reviews about his scalp appearance, he shifted his focus to something average, crushing his dreams of becoming a model. He appeared as a decent man and started doing things he won’t like.

To his good fate, he got to know about me and went through my YouTube channel. After watching my transformation journey, he retained his confidence back and decided to contact us.

He reached us exactly 10 months ago in February, we asked him to share all details with us, which he did accordingly. Post a meticulous glance, my team and I found that he was suffering from common male pattern baldness and hair transplant was the only effective cure.

I recommended him the best hair transplant clinic in Surat city – Hairfree Hairgrow.

He mentioned that he can’t pay the amount in one go, hence, we managed an EMI option for him.

Day 1 – 

The day he visited the clinic, doctors did his pre-surgery inspection and prepared him for the procedure.

Before Surgery

Images above reveal that his condition was worsening with every passing phase.

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Post Surgery

Surgeons meticulously grafted the scalp and the session stretched for 8 long hours. The beautiful implants in the images above display the hard and extensive work of the doctor and the team.

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20 Days Post Surgery

I am not even surprised by the results after 20 days of the transplant. Hairgrow & Hairfree has amazed us all time and again with their modern approach and mastered artistry.

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5 Months Post Surgery

Undoubtedly, the results are great and life-changing. This transformative change after 5 months is satisfactory and as per expectation.

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9 Months Post Surgery


Our model has taken back the charge in his new life. Mr Kaushik is cheering the new look and style. Also, he thanked us for the help and informed about his new project in a media marketing agency. He is living the life of his dream.

Are you suppressing your dreams just like Mr Kaushik was? Don’t let baldness ruin your best journey, and let us help you in fighting this situation back. Contact us for similar results.


Mr Kaushik is an aspiring 32 years old man, who was losing his battle against the emerging baldness. On a lucky day, he found our channel and contacted us. We helped him get treated for the same as he underwent a successful hair transplant surgery. Results are simply awesome, pictures above are roaring the change he received. Mr Kaushik feels more confident now and has recently got selected in a local marketing agency and is excited about his new project.


People stop dreaming because of the roadblocks at the front. We always motivate people with similar problems to fight back and confidently grab what belongs to them. If hair loss and baldness are your roadblocks, reach us immediately.



Watch Mr Perfectionist from Surat breaking his bald imperfection.

Name – Shankar

Place – Gujarat

Clinic – Hairfree Hairgrow Clinic Surat

Method – FUE

Grafts – 4014


Before Surgery

Mr. Shankar is a self-made man and wants everything perfect in life. Only this time his emerging male pattern baldness was disrupting a perfect life and personality. Hence, he decided to get it treated.

Mr Shankar contacted us 8 months ago. He was looking for a permanent solution to his hair loss problem. We recommend him a perfect treatment i.e. “Hair Transplant” at an ideal hair transplant clinic “Hairfree Hairgrow Clinic Surat”. The clinic has already delivered 1000+ successful results and counted among top medical institutes.

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After Surgery

The surgeon with his special skill and accurate hand-eye coordination managed to deliver the perfect outcome. Grafts are placed perfectly at the right spot. Mr. Shankar is now all set to attain new hairs.

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After 2 Months

Slowly but gradually new hairs have started appearing on his frontal line. Undoubtedly, a satisfying progress towards a healthy and hairy scalp.

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After 6 Months

An ideal result for a classic man. Now Mr. Sankar could keep his journey straight and distraction-free. He was happy while communicating his result details with us and we too wished him a bright and perfect future ahead.

Did we mention his age – Mr. Shankar is 56 years old. If he can achieve such results at this age, why can’t you?

Achieve similar results, fill out the form on the home page.


Mr. Shankar wanted everything perfect in life and a good hairline was his top- priority.

He contacted us and obviously, after looking at his condition, a hair transplant is what we recommended him.

The patient visited  Hairfree Hairgrow Clinic Surat and the rest is history.

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Best Hair Transplant Result Of 28 Year Old From Gujarat


Name – Mosud

Place – Gujarat

Clinic – Hairfree Hairgrow Clinic Surat

Method – FUE

Grafts – 3675


Before Surgery


The Patient was suffering from male pattern baldness. Living in Gujarat contacted us 1 year ago.

He was suffering from frontal hair loss and crown also. He was having an average donor area.

Pre Surgery Planning

The best part of the surgery was that doctors managed to make temples as well.


After Surgery


Finally, surgery was performed at Hairfree Hairgrow Clinic in Surat. We always recommend hair-free hair grow clinic in Surat in terms of an experienced surgeon, professional team and affordability.

After 1 Month

After 3 Months

After 8 Months


Best Hair Transplant Result by 3106 Grafts From Surat, Gujarat

The surgery was done at HAIRFREE HAIRGROW CLINIC in Surat, Gujrat .  3106 Grafts were implanted by FUE Technique in a single day. If you want to contact Hairfree Hairgrow Clinic, your can fill the form and consult them for free.


Name – Abhishek

Place – USA

Clinic – Hairfree Harigrow Surat

Method – FUE

Graft – 3106

Before Surgery

The patient was suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia living in USA contacted us 8 months ago. He was suffering from frontal hair loss and was looking for a frontal hairline that looks natural as well.

Pre Surgery Planning

After Surgery

You can clearly see how beautifully grafts are placed and the hairline looks totally natural.

Note:- Hairline has been made by single hair follicles.

Clinic:- Hairfree hair grow Surat.

After 4 Days

After 6 Months