Is Hair Restoration Possible for a Completely bald man…?

The Answer is …NO! BUT………..!, there is an alternative that does the job quite effectively. 


To find out, please continue reading the post.


We receive emails, comments, DMs, asking questions related to Hair Transplant procedures, Best Techniques available, and Who is the right candidate Etc. 


Even so, The most common query that stank the internet is “Can a completely bald man get a hair transplant?” 


Hence, Below We have explained in detail why it’s not possible and if there is an alternative? So, Have a read below and clear your doubts instantly.

Hair Restoration If Completely Bald?


The most discussed and latest technique for hair transplant is FUE or Follicular unit extraction.


It is known for offering the best results with minimum cut or incision.


Yet, It’s not possible to perform a hair transplant on a fully bald man. Because a decent range of donor area is required to de-plug the grafts from. 


It’s No Magic. We’ll need to understand the concept of hair transplant. The surgeon precisely digs out the graft having a hair bundle from the donor area of the head and implants the same to the recipient area.


Whereas a completely bald man doesn’t have any donor area on his head. Therefore, It becomes impossible to perform a hair transplant.


Technology and modern science have granted access to possibilities that weren’t achievable before. The same applies to complete baldness and we do have a solution for that! It’s a revolutionary technique called ATP.


ATP or Advanced Tricho Pigmentation


ATP is a type of hair restoration treatment that can offer the appearance of a full head of hair to a completely bald person. Huss, What a relief…!


How does it work?


ATP is a pigmentation delivery system where pigment is applied to the scalp to produce the appearance of hair follicles.  


After the treatment, your head will appear to have shaven hair, with a natural-looking hairline.


The treatment can also be used to cover the thinning areas and add the appearance of thickness and density to certain areas of the scalp.



Science has discovered answers to many problems we face in everyday life. Baldness is no longer a problem unearthed. For baldness till grade VII we have FUI and for completely bald people it’s Advanced Tricho Pigmentation.


API is a lifesaver to all fully bald men. If you are too a completely bald man and looking for a reliable solution. Ping us on Whatsapp: – +91 7452920171

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