While most medical treatments lack eminent resources due to the unanticipated surge in patients, contrarily cosmetic surgeries are transforming lives with Avant-grade technology.
Cosmetic surgeries are growing rapidly post covid restrictions. Especially hair transplant surgery – As it is now more convincing and affordable.


Covid is a good time for a hair transplant

Planning for a hair transplant during covid could be a great idea. Below we have drafted points that satisfy our statement.


Safe Environment

No place is safer than home. It’s a fact that your newly implanted grafts require a soothing environment to grow healthy. After restrictions were imposed on routine movements, we are staying at home for longer durations. Hence, your grafts will have more time to heal and grow better.

Pollution-free recovery

Staying indoors is again an advantage as you will not be facing ever-spreading pollution by vehicles, industrial installments, and other carbon-emitting machinery.


Less stress 

Stress is one of the prime reasons for hair fall. A more relaxed and cheering environment is advised after your transplant surgery. 
After covid restrictions, many employees are working from home and feel less stressed compared to their office routine. This can be your golden opportunity to avail the most comfortable post-surgery experience.  

Less Risk

Staying at home means staying safer. That means there is almost zero possibility of incidents that could damage the growth of grafts after surgery.


Better Attention

Doctors are allowed to examine and operate only a limited number of patients each day. It will mean that doctors can now pay more attention to patients’ individual needs.


Better Results

Staying in a safe environment will ensure the healthy growth of implanted grafts. As a result, the outcome will be delightful in terms of quality. 


Quick Recovery

A friendly environment, reduced stress, umpteen care are some of the reasons where your recovery rate will enhance in less time.
Hair transplant surgery on the verge of restrictions can benefit you in so many ways. Should you still feel confused about the matter, please Whatsapp us on +91 7452920171 and our team will assist you gladly.

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