Male With Hair Loss: Doubts and Treatment


worldwide, 85% of men are battling hair loss! Roughly over 300 million Indians are losing their precious Hair every minute.
While, some of them are aware of hair transplant as an effective way to revive their locks.


However, many still doubts, “is hair transplant, a treatment right for me?”
This article we help you realize the right protentional of Hair transplant and whether you are an eligible candidate ?


Method in use:
 –  The first technique used in hair transplant was Follicular Unit Transplant/FUT (includes strip removal for graft extraction), but with time, the Follicular unit extraction (FUE) method was employed in every major hair transplant surgical process and has taken over the old procedures.

The strategy involves transplanting your hair follicles to areas with dilution hair. This technique offers important blessings over alternative hair transplants, with less scarring, quicker recovery, and higher results.


Am I a Right Candidate?
 –  Most men with thinning Hair are eligible candidates for FUE hair transplantation, however for some, it isn’t the correct hair restoration answer. Keep reading to find out if a hair transplant might be the most straightforward choice for you.


 – What factors build me an honest hair transplant candidate?


The best way to find out – Whether or not you’re a good candidate for an FUE hair transplant is to receive an honest analysis from a medical hair loss expert, like Our counseled Clinics. However, there are some common factors that most hair transplant candidates share. Here’s a better look:

 – Kind and extent of hair loss 
One of the most critical factors in hair transplant effort is the type and extent of hair loss you have. Typically speaking, FUE hair transplants are best for men who have male pattern hairlessness with enough remaining healthy hair cysts for harvesting. The area receiving Hair should additionally be healthy enough to assist the transplanted follicle to grow.
 – Men who are completely bald or do not have enough healthy Hair at the rear and sides of their heads typically don’t qualify for a hair transplant. Our counseled Clinics will suggest choices that stimulate your Hair follicles if this describes you.


 – The correct expectations
You must perceive that hair transplants don’t provide immediate results, and also, the outcome might not provide you with the pinnacle of Hair from your youth. A hair transplant can provide you with natural-looking results and more Hair in dilution areas than before.

 – Most of the time, you can expect to visualize results in six to 9 months post your hair transplant surgery; however, this varies, counting on entirely different factors, i.e. related to your age and the extent of your hair loss.


 The clinic we tend to suggest you review your expected results with you throughout your consultation. to induce the most straightforward results, Our counseled Clinics might recommend medications to assist you in retaining your natural-looking results for several years to come.



 – Health and lifestyle  issues
To be a candidate for a hair transplant, you also got to be in overall good health. Our counseled Clinics review your health history and should order additional science lab work to see for underlying conditions.


 – If you aren’t healthy enough to possess a medical procedure or if your system is compromised, you will need to wait till your health conditions are treated and resolved before undergoing hair surgery.


 – In addition, it’s vital to contemplate how your lifestyle decisions will affect the long-run outcome of your hair transplant. Our counseled Clinics recommends that patients avoid excessive amounts of alcohol and abstain from using tobacco products for best results.


 Uptake a nutrient-rich, balanced diet, exercise, and manage stress with healthy coping mechanisms also improve your long-run results. In alternative words, what’s wise for your overall health is also good for your skin and hair.


 – Associate expert’s recommendation
Again, if you’re a good candidate for a hair transplant, the most straightforward thanks to learning are to line up a consultation with Our counseled Clinics in India. In addition to discussing your goals and reviewing your medical history, Our counseled Clinics inspect your scalp and current hair condition to create a custom set of hair restoration recommendations.


 – What if a hair transplant isn’t suitable for me?
As a doctor and not a salesman, Our counseled Clinics evaluate your effort and your best interests in mind. If a hair transplant isn’t the most straightforward option, Our counseled Clinics might recommend alternative hair restoration treatments that higher fit your needs, including:
 – Exosomal hair restoration
 – Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
 – Custom-blended prescription-strength medications 
 – Low-level optical maser treatments


 – Despite the kind of hair restoration you choose, Our Recommended Clinics and our team support you each step of the way, providing you with a fuller head of hair; thus, you look and feel your best.


– At Best Hair help, we take your problems seriously. We’re committed to giving solely the best in hair restoration services.


 – want to learn whether or not a hair transplant or alternative hair restoration treatment is correct for you? Contact us by filling the shape on the homepage to line up free professional advice.