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Welcome to the most trusted online hair transplant consultancy portal in India, where you can get a perfect counselling before your hair transplant with our experienced team and free online consultation by the top doctors in India
Best Rated Hair Transplant Portal In India

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We at Besthairhelp give you exact idea of your hair restoration needs. We provide you full information regarding no. of grafts required, cost of your hair transplant and much more

Full Post Surgery Assistance

Besthairhelp team will always be with you from the day of your successful hair transplant surgery to the day you get full results.

Choosing the best clinic for you

The most important part where most of the people don’t pay attention. Besthairhelp is only associated with the top authentic clinics and doctors in India.

Featured surgeons

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Dr G. K Sharma

MD Dermatologist

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Dr Umang Kothari

DNB - Plastic Surgery, MBBS, MS - General Surgery

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Dr. Rashmi Aderao

MBBS, MD – Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy Dermatologist


DNB - Plastic Surgery, MBBS, MS - General Surgery

Dr Santosh Modi

Dr Santosh Modi

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Our Recent Victories

Alok Gumina

Don’t trust what I see online usually. But, I was going through some of my rough days when Team Best Hair Help came to my acknowledgement. I talked to him. As he was a male pattern baldness patient, I had no choice left but to take the risk and follow his instructions carefully. Being from Bangalore, I requested a clinic nearby. But he informed me that Banglore doesn’t have quality, budget-friendly clinics currently. He assured me that the Hair & Shape clinic in Mumbai is a safe and worthy place to have hair transplants. Well, all goes well, and my new look is much dapper.

Anuj Prajapat

I was planning for a hair transplant as I know it is a reliable and result-assuring method. The question was:” what clinic to choose?” While searching on Youtube, I found the Team best hair help channel. He seemed genuine and trustworthy. I contacted him, and upon his assurity, I went to Hairfree & Hairgrow Kolkata for the surgery. Yes, it took more than a year to gain these results. But, I am heartily thankful to the Team Best Hair Help, especially the doctors who performed my hair transplant surgery.

Partap Lokhande

Down in the town. For the last ten years, I had eaten wired medis to bittrious oil capsules and what not. Nothing worked on my emerging baldness.

My Crown was the most affected area.

In the year 2018, I contacted the Team Best hair Help on his Whatsapp number. He advised me of a hair transplant surgery and assured quality results.

Surgery was performed in Mumbai. I am highly satisfied with what I have achieved. Thank you. Best hair help.


I am Ajay from Nepal. I had met with an accident five years ago that left a huge mark on the middle portion of my scalp.

I wasn’t sure if Hair transplant surgery could cover such a scar. I searched youtube and found the Best Hair Help channel, connected them through Whatsapp. Team-Best Hair Help assured me of great and safe results.

They suggested that I must visit the Hairfree & Haigrow clinic in Delhi to avail the best treatments.

Contacted the team at the hospital, concluded a date for the surgery. I was nervous even at the last moment and a bit confused about my decision.

 But the doctors assured me of a safe procedure and poured the confidence in me. So I had my surgery on 5 Jan 2020, and now I am cheerlishly happy while writing this review. My results are way better than I was expecting. It is a heavenly relief for me.


I am Vijay from Pune. I have had a severe male pattern of baldness since my early 20s.

I met with doctors nearby who suggested me medicines that didn’t work.

As I was googling the best remedies for my problem, a youtube suggestion appeared among the search results. It was the Best hair Help channel. team-best hair help was explaining about hair transplants in the video. I was convinced by his words and decided to contact him.

team-best hair help suggested a Hairfree & Hairgrow clinic in Pune. Dr. Kiran there analyzed my condition and recommended a hair transplant surgery. We decided the date of surgery that was performed a week later.

Now, Almost a year later, I am feeling confident at facing cameras and people upfront. I am extremely thankful to everyone involved in making my presence undeniably better.


“Got to know from Youtube about Best Hair Help. I was very confused about choosing a good clinic for me in Pune. All I needed was a natural-looking hairline. After contacting with best hair help, they finally referred me a clinic in Pune. Went there and satisfied with the consultation. Finally, surgery is done. Its been 6 months and I am really happy with my results. Thanks, Best Hair Help Team.”




“The thing I loved about Best Hair Help is the after surgery assistance. They have tie-ups with only authentic and experienced clinics In India. Now it’s been 5 months after my hair transplant and no one can judge that I have got any surgery or hair transplant.”

Manish Ghandhare

Bhopal, MP


“Before consulting many clinics I had been told that I needed 5000+ grafts and I did not have required donor area. But surprisingly, after consulting with best hair help they told me that 4000 grafts are enough. Finally, at referred Clinic in Delhi, they managed to cover my scalp using 4000 grafts only. I am fully satisfied with my results. Highly Recommended”

Tarun Chauhan



After searching throughout the internet. I landed on best hair help website. I really liked their consultancy before my hair transplant. Their hospitality is superb. And the best part is the result I got after my hair transplant surgery.


Andhra Pradesh

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